Jim’s WebLetter for 6/24/18


Geez is it the 24th already?

I’ve been wanting to write on this thing for some time but, retired life can be busy.

My wife just retired too and we took a trip up to North Carolina for a week between the mountains of Franklin, the midlands of Sanford and finally in Wilmington for our 46th anniversary. It was nice especially in the mountains at my cousin’s new home with the big front porch, babbling brook and fishing pond, but we’re glad to get back home.

On the subject of time, I’d be totally lost if I didn’t have Google Calendar. Seriously. Deb’s already asking me what day it is and this is just her first month, I’m in my 4th. Every day, Google pops up events I’ve programmed to remind me what I have on tap. I put everything in to it for two reasons: 1. I forget, and 2. I keep record of what we did in our retirement.

Just yesterday we saw the new movie Jurassic World at B&B Theaters. Google Calendar shows we attended at 4:30 along with a background image of the theater. It’s a great way to look over all the stuff we did while experiencing this new lifestyle. I can even put in notes about the event, all to remind me when we look back over the year.

Google Calendar is free to download or use via a browser, and syncs up between all my devices as I use the same Gmail address on them.

We talked about going to play at the Pinball Museum this afternoon, so I have that logged in with a question mark. If we go, I can change that to an exclamation mark. If not, I’ll just delete it. That’s how versatile Calendar is. I can even have my Google Assistant do the work for me just by saying, “OK Google, add play pinball at 4 pm to my calendar”.

Well, I just got a notice from my Calendar that we need to get off to church this morning, and I have lunch at my daughter’s afterward (a late Fathers Day present).



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