Jim’s WebLetter for 2/16/08

Jim’s WebLetter
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Hi-ya friends and neighbors! It’s another wonderful weekend shaping up on the island with the Antique Show and Sale at the Rec Center and the weather giving us the chance to enjoy another t-shirt wearing opportunity. So let’s review what I found on the Web this week.

San Disk has released a statement of the new and improved flash drives about to hit the market. The drives are about to jump in capacity and computer makers are looking to make some changes in hard drives as the little chips work faster, require less power to operate, and don’t put out the heat that the current spin drives do. Asus and MAC have both proven that it can be done, now let’s bring on the bigger storage. http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9872058-7.html?tag=nl.e496

Meanwhile, CNET reports that Samsung, rival of San Disk, is set to ship it’s new 64 Gigabyte chip to Dell for use in it’s computers. Seems the trend is flash drive over spin drives even though it’s noted that flash drives will eventually wear out (but isn’t that what happens with the old spin drives?). http://tinyurl.com/yuskzq

The Microsoft/Yahoo story is still working around the Web as Yahoo shareholders aren’t so convinced that Microsoft should pay more to buy Yahoo. This is an issue when a company is publically held. The owners of Yahoo want more money (the offer was reportedly almost $46 Billion). But the top shareholders own stocks in both companies and they don’t want to see their stock fall if MS has to increase it’s bid. Makes for interesting reading …

Is it really true that blue collar workers use Yahoo and the more affluent use Google? According to Hitwise, yes. According to their studies, Yahoo is strong in “struggling societies,” “blue collar backbone,” and “remote America,” where as Google obtains higher use in “small town contentment,” “affluent suburbia,” and “upscale America.” http://tinyurl.com/3dmofe

Speaking again of Yahoo, it’s tax time and if you’re one like me, you file your own taxes online. But with new laws in effect and all the tax questions, you may want to seek some support. Yahoo and Kiplinger have teamed up to provide the 13 most overlooked tax deductions. http://tinyurl.com/2mq9gx

While all this Yahoo/MS stuff is going on, Google has been doing some online digging and found websites containing malicious software embedded. Web-based attacks, called “drive-by downloads” by security experts, have become much more common in recent years. Google’s Provos offer some good advice … http://tinyurl.com/258hsv

Something else I discovered this week … a free book place. Just sign up and you can start downloading free e-books tailored to any taste. You can view by Subject, Type and Author. Every time you download a book, it is sponsored by a company or corporation. The sponsor pays the author and the publisher, and you get to read the book for free. In return, the sponsor sends a couple of ads your way. http://wowio.com/

About five years ago, the battery in my beat-up VW beetle had died because I left the lights on overnight. I was in a hurry to get to work on time so I ran into the house to get my wife to give me a hand to start the car.
I told her to get into our second car, a prehistoric oversized gas guzzler, and use it to push my car fast enough to start it. I pointed out to her that because the VW had an automatic transmission, it needed to be pushed at least 30 MPH for it to start. She said fine, hoped into her car and drove off.
I sat there fuming and wondering, “What can she be doing?” A minute passed by and when I saw her in the rearview mirror coming at me at about 40 MPH, I realized that I should have been a bit more clear with my directions.
(thanks, Harry)
I have changed my system for labelling homemade freezer meals. I used to carefully note in large clear letters, “Meatloaf” or “Pot Roast” or “Steak and Vegetables or “Chicken and Dumplings” or “Beef Pot Pie.”
However, I used to get very frustrated when I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner because he never asked for any of those things. So, I decided to stock the freezer with what he really likes.
If you look in my freezer now you’ll see a whole new set of labels. You’ll find dinners with neat, legible tags that say: “Whatever,” “Anything,” “I Don’t Know,” “I Don’t Care,” “Something Good,” or “Food.” My frustration is reduced because no matter what my husband replies when I ask him what he wants for dinner, I know that it will be there waiting.
(thanks, Jennifer)
A church choir was putting on a car wash to raise money for a special trip.
They made a large sign that read: CAR WASH FOR CHOIR TRIP.
On the scheduled Saturday, business was very good. But, by two o’clock the sky clouded, the rain poured, and there were hardly any customers. Finally, one of the singers had an idea.
She printed a very large poster with the words:
WE WASH. GOD RINSES (Next to the words was an arrow pointing skyward.)
Business boomed!
(thanks, Gretchen)
And that’s a glimpse at some of the Webworthy bits and pieces this week, Webfriends. Have a great weekend and look for the next JWL on Saturday the 23rd. Til then, may God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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