Jim’s WebLetter for 6/14/08

Hi-ya Webfriends!

It’s that time again … time to bring you up to date with the latest and greatest from the World Wide Web as seen through the flat screen of my XP powered laptop. And boy is there a lot to report.

Today is Flag Day in America where we celebrate the Stars and Stripes for what it means to us. A recent poll here in the US showed that the vast majority of Americans don’t know why we have a flag day. It’s probably because along with a number of other things, it’s no longer taught in our nation’s public schools. Fortunately the Web contains all the information you would ever want to know about this yearly event that commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14. It is celebrated by the displaying of the flag. Mine is hanging outside right now.

So what else is going on? Mozilla Firefox 3 release date has been announced. The Mozilla Developer News weblog is carrying an announcement that the final version of Mozilla Firefox 3 will be released on Tuesday. “After more than 34 months of active development, and with the contributions of thousands, we’re proud to announce that we’re ready,” the message says. “It is our expectation to ship Firefox 3 this upcoming Tuesday, June 17th.” It has been labeled as ‘Firefox Download Day’ when millions of users will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Google now on Yahoo? Yea, it seems that Yahoo has signed a deal with Google to show Google ads next to Yahoo search results. This definitely is a blow to Microsoft who wanted to purchase Yahoo. Now it seems that deal is off. Who is the winner? You got it … Google, whose stocks when up $18 a share on Friday. Smiles all around. http://tinyurl.com/3jqs26

Been to Hulu lately? I was reading a story yesterday that mentioned how PBS will be giving some of it’s programming to Hulu and splitting the ad revenue and it prompted me to head over and explore the site. They have been doing their homework. Select from the alphabetical listing of TV shows and find a bunch of the classics including Alfred Hitchcock (one of my son’s favorites) and WKRP in Cincinnati (one of my favorites). All of them come with some commercials included, but it’s only one commercial interruption and then it’s back into the program. What really got me was the viewing quality. Pretty clean and clear. Click and go full screen and you can watch from the other side of the room. Their selection of movies is nothing to ignore either, but for me … time only allows for a 24 minute sitcom over a 2 hour movie. http://www.hulu.com/

The best things in life are free … you’ve heard that phrase before, but it really rings true when it comes to open-source software. Do-it-yourself programming has really come into its own lately. And Freeware Genius’ motto is “someday all software will be free.” The site features freeware from across the Web in a concise blog format, from antivirus software to free music managers. It may seem impossible to optimize your computer’s functionality, but the site’s author has gone to great lengths to make sure that no spy ware software is featured on the site. http://freewaregenuis.com/

Finally, the First Coast is now a part of the Google “Street View” network of more than 40 cities across the country. Street View allows you to see in 360 the area you pick that is highlighted in blue. Google had people with cameras strapped to cars drive around areas and shoot virtual tours of neighborhoods. This is what is displayed when you move the little Street View guy to a blue location and click. See for yourself … http://tinyurl.com/6owh32


Some tourists in the Chicago Museum of Natural History are marveling at the dinosaur bones. One of them asks the guard, “Can you tell me how old the dinosaur bones are?”
The guard replies, “They are 3 million, four years, and six months old.”
“That’s an awfully exact number,” says the tourist. “How do you know their age so precisely?”
The guard answers, “Well, the dinosaur bones were three million years old when I started working here, and that was four and a half years ago.”
(thanks, Joe)
A man was in bad shape. He constantly gasped for breath and his eyes bulged. The doctors didn’t give him long to live. He decided to live it up. Withdrawing all of his money from the bank, he went on a shopping spree. His last stop was at the most expensive haberdashery in the city. He pointed out a dozen silk shirts. He wore a size fourteen.
The clerk said, “Your neck looks bigger than fourteen. You need a sixteen.”
The man said, “I know my size. I want them in a fourteen.”
The clerk said, “I’ll get them for you, but I want to warn you…if you wear a fourteen you’ll gasp all day and your eyes will bulge.”
(thanks, Frank)
For Those Who Want To Learn The Game of Baseball … A Simple Explanation:
This is a game played by two teams, one out the other in. The one that’s in, sends players out one at a time, to see if they can get in before they get out. If they get out before they get in, they come in, but it doesn’t count. If they get in before they get out it does count.
When the ones out get three outs from the ones in before they get in without being out, the team that’s out comes in and the team in goes out to get those going in out before they get in without being out.
When both teams have been in and out nine times the game is over. The team with the most in without being out before coming in wins unless the ones in are equal. In which case, the last ones in go out to get the ones in out before they get in without being out.
The game will end when each team has the same number of ins out but one team has more in without being out before coming in.
(thanks, Tim)
A friend’s daughter, Callie, had enrolled in a Spanish class taught by a Hispanic teacher. “I’m not familiar with that name,” he said. “Does it start with a K?”
She replied, “C.”
Ever since, he has spelled her name “Kallie.”
(thanks, Will)
Remember, tomorrow is Father’s Day. A call would be great. Nuff said.

And that’s this week’s search and discovery on the World Wide Web, friends. Have a great weekend and as always, may God bless you and keep you safe!

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