Jim’s WebLetter for 7/5/08

Hi-ya friends and net-neighbors!

It’s the weekend of our Independence. Our country is now 232 years old and we have so much to be thankful for. Sure the cost of everything continues to rise (what’s new?), and people are feeling the pinch (anyone remember the Carter Administration years with long gas lines and 21% inflation?), but all in all, we’re doing OK. As always, the economy will turn around. We just persevere until then. That’s what we do.

I try to imagine what my ancestors had to deal with back in those early days of America. They were here in the mid 1600’s helping to establish this nation. One hundred years later when the “host countries” began demanding more and giving less, they had to decide whether to give in to it or fight. I also try to imagine if we were cut off from the imports that we receive (oil and all that stuff made in China, for instance), what we would do then. The price of everything would escalate dramatically. But maybe “Made in the USA” would become the theme once again, and our nation would persevere. We did it before. With great determination, we could do it again. And THAT is what makes us a great nation.

So with that off my chest … let me show you a few things I discovered this week on the World Wide Web in this issue of Jim’s WebLetter.

This week, Google began added a privacy link to it’s front page following a 2003 California law requiring all websites that collect data from users to provide a link to the page that tells how data is collected and what is done with it. (http://tinyurl.com/567475) This comes at a time when Google has been ordered to turn over user data on it’s popular video site You Tube. (http://tinyurl.com/6aahz5) Read the fine print, folks … the government wants to know what you’re doing on the Web. Mind your “p’s and q’s”. Big Brother is watching. By the way, Barack Obama has already said he backs governmental surveillance. A flip over what he was saying on the campaign trail months ago. Apparently many of his supporters are up in arms over it. (http://tinyurl.com/5aors4)

So it’s official, a record number of downloads in one day went into the Guiness Book of World Records for the Firefox 3.0 browser update. The total of 8 million downloads were recorded. This after Mozilla, the parent company, had problems on it’s site the first part of the day and no one could get on. And what’s hot about the new FF3? Faster loading pages and better security. When clocked, the new browser opens and displays pages up to 4 times faster than Internet Explorer. According to the BBC, the latest tally shows 28 million downloads since the first day … http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7486668.stm

I tried out a new Web Application yesterday that imports your photos, let’s you select from a wide variety of music, and then puts a video together for you. It’s called Animoto. Several features make this the latest cool app to use. First, it is intuitive. It selects from several graphic features built into the system. If you don’t like your video, hit the re-edit button and it will remix your photos with new graphics. Once completed, you have options to upload to YouTube, send in an email, burn a DVD or save it to your desktop. While the basic version is free, you can only create :30 second videos and it has only a few options, the full featured version has several options but can run some money … figure you can build and edit all the videos you want in a year for $99. http://animoto.com/ Here’s a clip I created of our trip to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland … http://animoto.com/play/673eZl0BAqluhw0UNqc3mQ

Finally, if you play music, you understand there is a need to keep time. But how many people own a metronome? How many people KNOW what a metronome is? Answers to this and an online metronome is found at http://www.metronomeonline.com/

At an annual Bosses Night dinner in Helena, Montana, where legal secretaries sponsored their lawyer bosses, it was time to announce the Boss of the Year.
The master of ceremonies began: “First of all, our winner is a graduate of the University of Montana. So that already eliminates some of you as candidates.”
“Our winner also is a partner in a downtown Helena law firm. That eliminates some more of you. “Our nominee is honest, upright, dedicated…”
A voice from the audience cut in: “Well, there go the rest of us!”
(thanks, Julie)
A group of managers were given the assignment to measure the height of a flagpole. So they go out to the flagpole with ladders and tape measures, and they’re falling off the ladders, dropping the tape measures — the whole thing is just a mess.
A group of engineers arrive and see what the managers are trying to do. They walk over to the flagpole, pull it out of the ground and lay it flat on the ground. They measure it from end to end, give the measurement to one of the managers, and then walk away.
After the engineers have gone, one manager turns to another and laughs. “Isn’t that just like engineers? We’re looking for the height and they give us the length.”
(thanks, Joan)
The National Football League recently announced a new era. From now on, no offensive team names will be permitted. While the owners of the teams rush to change uniforms and such, the National Football League announced, yesterday, its name changes and schedules for the upcoming season:

The Washington Native Americans will host the New York Very Tall People on opening day.
Other key games include the Dallas Western-Style Laborers hosting the St. Louis Wild Endangered Species, and the Minnesota Plundering Norsemen taking on the Green Bay Meat Industry Workers.
In Week 2, there are several key matchups, highlighted by the showdown between the San Francisco Precious Metal Enthusiasts and the New Orleans Pretty Good People.
The Atlanta Birds of Prey will play host to the Philadelphia Birds of Prey, while the Seattle Birds of Prey will visit the Phoenix Male Finches.
The Monday night game will pit the Miami Pelagic Percoid Food Fishes against the Denver Untamed Beasts of Burden.
The Cincinnati Large Bangladeshi Carnivorous Mammals will travel to Tampa Bay for a clash with the West Indies Free Booters later in Week 9.
And the Detroit Large Carnivorous Cats will play the Chicago Large Mountain Mammals.
Week 9 also features the Indianapolis Young Male Horses at the New England Zealous Lovers of Country.
(thanks, Joseph)
My husband and I have always exchanged chores around the house, including doing the dishes, which I hate to do, and mowing the lawn, which he hates to do. This worked to our mutual satisfaction until he began to be bothered by people in passing cars staring at him as he relaxed while I mowed.
He solved the problem by presenting me with a T-shirt to wear while I was cutting the grass. On the front, big letters said: “IT’S ALL RIGHT.” The back of the T-shirt proclaimed: “HE DOES THE DISHES.”
(thanks, Jennifer)
And that’s this week’s peak at the Web. Thanks for your time and for those who sent along the jokes, thank you too! Have a great weekend and look for the next issue to come along next Saturday.

Until then, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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