Jim’s WebLetter for 7/26/08

Jim’s WebLetter

Hi-ya neighbors and friends!

It’s the last weekend in July and we look forward to see what August brings, both weather-wise and on the World Wide Web. One thing’s sure, both are not what they were this time last year.

Late yesterday, the FCC announced that the deciding vote was cast in favor of the merger between Sirius Radio and XM Satellite Radio. There’s some fine money to pay, but everything is cleared for buyout as Sirius becomes THE radio to beat. http://tinyurl.com/siri-xm

Well, it’s official, China has surpassed America for the largest number of Web users reaching in numbers more than 253 million. For the long-time JWL reader, you’ll recall I mentioned that one day this would happen and that the most widely used language on the Web would one day be Mandarin Chinese. At this point, English is still the most used. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm

This week’s issue includes a helpful hint for Comcast connected Web surfers. In the news lately has been the story of unhappy Comcast customers who have difficulty staying connected. Typically complainers have taken to the phones to get a response. Now, they are turning to the internet to blog their complaints. Seems that Comcast is reading and responding by doing what it can to make customers happy. The NY Times reports Frank Eliason, digital care manager at Comcast, is reading and responding. http://tinyurl.com/nytimesstory

Thus far, it’s been an interesting year for discoveries … first we learn the truth about Stonehenge, now NASA satellites reveal that an explosion of magnetic energy a third of the way to the moon causes the beautiful aurora borealis. http://news.cnet.com/2300-11397_3-6244276-1.html

And for those like me who track storms and follow charts, there’s a site I have used for years that a JWL reader put together and hosts on his Tropics page. Jay’s page features a grouping of active charts and second by second updated maps to show tropical storm formations and movement. It’s easily accessed at http://www.tropicwx.com/

Wi-fi users, if you haven’t heard of it yet, WIMAX is coming to your town, sooner or later. What’s WIMAX? A wireless high speed signal capable to being transferred for miles, as apposed to feet as with Wi-Fi. Tests show it can deliver download speeds exceeding 6 MBits a second, which means you can be driving with internet access that includes listening to music, GPS navigation, and internet phoning from your laptop or other wireless device. It is newer technology, therefore is expensive … until now. A company called DigitalBridge Communications is setting up WIMAX broadcast towers in smaller cities and communities. What they are doing is showing the communications giants that it can be done and there is profitability. http://tinyurl.com/wimaxstory

Now for something completely different … here’s a place for parents and grandparents of young ones who like to color. Disney UK offers printable pages for download. Choose from the latest figures like WALL-E or Prince Caspian and download to your printer. http://printable.disney.co.uk

Down in the South, there are many churches known as “answer back” churches. When the preacher says something, the congregation naturally replies.
One Sunday, a preacher was speaking on what it would take for the church to become better. He said “If this church is to become better, it must take up it’s bed, and walk.” The congregation said “Let it walk, Preacher, let it walk.”
Encouraged by their response, he went further. “If this church is going to become better, it will have to throw aside it’s hindrances and run!” The congregation replied, “Let it run, Preacher, let it run!”
Now really into his message, he spoke stronger. “If this church really wants to become great, it will have to take up it’s wings and fly!” “Let it fly, Preacher, let it fly!” the congregation shouts.
The Preacher gets louder. “If this church is going to fly, it will cost money!”
The congregation replied. “Let it walk, Preacher, let it walk.”
(thanks, Tim)
I was teaching my 6-year-old daughter how to unbuckle her seat belt.
She asked, “Do I click the square?”
I said, “Yes.”
She asked me, “Single click or double click?”
(thanks, Nancy)
My family has a tradition of naming the cruise control on our cars. We were used to hearing my father proclaim, “Take it, Max,” as he flipped on the cruise control during long trips in our station wagon.
Recently, I was traveling with my parents in their new car when we hit a wide-open expanse of highway. My dad leaned back and said, “I think I’ll let Tom drive for a while.”
“Tom who?” I asked.
My mother translated for me: “Tom Cruise, of course.”
(thanks, Dana … I think)
To help a friend lose weight, I told her that she should switch to lower-fat foods; including skim milk. When she said her family would only drink whole milk, I suggested that she keep their regular container and refill it with skim milk. This worked for quite a while, until her daughter asked, one morning, whether the milk was okay.
“Sure, it’s fine,” my friend answered, fearing she had been found out. “Why do you ask?”
“Because according to the bottle,” the daughter explained, “this milk expired two years ago.”
(thanks, Joann)
And that about wraps up another week of Web watching, friends. This morning, we’re driving down to see my dad who is celebrating his 81st birthday. Of course, with the speed of the internet … he’s reading this before I get there.
Happy Birthday, dad.

That’s it for me … til next weekend, may God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

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