Jim’s WebLetter for 5/30/09

Hi-ya WebLetter readers and friends!

It’s the last weekend in May … Monday, June 1st begins the 2009 Hurricane season and it seems things have been busy in the Atlantic already with the low that moved over us creating four days of rain last week, and now a tropical storm that is moving north above Bermuda. The forecasters are predicting a quieter year for major storms, but so far, we’re several inches ahead of schedule. Let’s hope this isn’t a precursor of things to come. For a quick look at weather as it’s happening in the Sunshine State, click on my weather page with charts and live radar maps. http://weather.jimonline.com/

Unless you live in a cave and don’t have internet access, it’s safe to say social websites are where it’s at right now. Facebook and Twitter in the States, and sites like Bebo in Europe are the front runners with their numbers growing by the second. The typical features include the ability to post your thoughts, photos and video clips for everyone else to see. While there are a lot of portals offering a place for you to sign up and belong, no one is doing what Google will be offering in it’s new application called Wave. Imagine opening your browser and creating a shared online desktop with two or more users who can interact with instant messaging (you watch as the other types the words on the screen), share and edit documents that include text, images and graphics, then drag and drop widgets and actually work or play together. Once the project is complete, save and publish the collaborative effort to the Web. All this means faster immediate conversations and the ability to see edits and interact with extensions in real-time. Look for Wave to go public later this year. http://wave.google.com/

Speaking of Google, GOOG-411 is an easy call to get information about businesses. Now they’ve made it even easier to orient yourself without a map in front of you: call GOOG-411, ask for ‘details’, and in addition to the address and phone number of the business, GOOG-411 also points you to the nearest street intersection or adjacent streets. It’s GPS by phone. Here’s the number … 1-800-466-4411.

I haven’t tried this next site myself, but everything I am reading, this is a great idea … If you have something you want moved or shipped, but you don’t want to pay a fortune to do it, try U Ship. Instead of wasting time calling around gathering price quotes, why not let the companies contact you? Enter the service you would like, the pick up location and destination, then sit back and let the bids begin coming in. Companies will bid on your job and all you have to do is pick the best offer. Here’s the best thing of all, it costs nothing to put up your listing. Can anyone say, “bookmark”? http://www.uship.com/

This weekend, the Disney Pixar movie “UP” is in theatres. All the promotion and clips show this 3-D animation to be one fun flick. It’s rated PG. The website is loaded with features to enhance the movie experience including clips and games all done in flash animation. Have fun! http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/up/main.html

Su Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wongs have a new baby.
The nurse brings over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, but definitely a Caucasian, WHITE baby boy.
‘Congratulations,’ says the nurse to the new parents. ‘Well Mr. Wong, what will you and Mrs.. Wong name the baby?’
The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says, ‘Well, two Wong’s don’t make a white, so I think we will name him…
Are you ready for this…“Sum Ting Wong”
(thanks, Rich)
A guy finds a sheep wandering in his neighborhood and takes it to the police station. The desk sergeant says, “Why don’t you just take it to the zoo?”
The next day, the sergeant spots the same guy walking down the street—with the sheep. “I thought I told you to take that sheep to the zoo,” the sergeant says.
“I know what you told me,” the guy responds. “Yesterday I took him to the zoo. Today I’m taking him to the movies.”
(thanks, Tamara)
Looking down the stairs at a football game, a fan spots an open seat on the 50-yard line. He asks the man sitting next to it if the seat is taken.
“No,” he replies. “I used to take my wife to all the games, but ever since she passed away, I’ve gone alone.”
“Why don’t you invite a friend?”
“I can’t. They’re all at the funeral.”
(thanks, Joel)
Notice seen on the bulletin board of a Florida air base: “The following enlisted men will pick up their Good Conduct medals in the supply room this afternoon. Failure to comply with this order will result in disciplinary action.”
(thanks, Myra)
Well, that’s a brief look at the Web this week. No sense of rambling on … after all, did you hear about the self-help group for compulsive talkers? It’s called On & On Anon. Have a great weekend.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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