Jim’s WebLetter for 9/26/09

Hi-ya friends and neighbors!

There is an IRS Scam going around on emails … be warned not to click on the link. It releases a virus into your computer. The email appears to have been sent from Internal Revenue Service [no-reply@irs.gov] (which ofcourse it doesn’t) and the subject line reads “Notice of Underreported Income” The IRS email reads:
Taxpayer ID: reports-00000174073547US
Issue: Unreported/Underreported Income (Fraud Application)
Please review your tax statement on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website (click on the link below):

Don’t click on the link. Just delete the email or Gmail users, click SPAM and get rid of the thing altogether. The IRS doesn’t send emails to people, they will either call or send mail (which is why the Postal Service will never go out of business!).

Google Wave, the highly anticipated real-time communication platform that will launch to the public next week. In order to take advantage of all that Wave has to offer, you must either download and install Google’s browser Chrome, install the Chrome Frame, which integrates into Internet Explorer or drop Microsoft’s browser altogether. Needless to say, Microsoft isn’t happy about that. But, I have been bouncing between Firefox and Chrome and find that both work better than IE 8 and, according to popular sources, are safer for accessing such places as bank accounts and credit card websites than Explorer. Once Wave has been released, I will report on my results of the new platform … should be interesting.

Last week, I gave a Kindle 2 to my wife for her birthday. An avid reader, she took to the Amazon.com reader like, well, “fish to water”. After reading the instructions, she went to Amazon.com and downloaded her first book. She is not a technophile, so the fact that she could handle herself with the Kindle tells me it’s a good idea for anyone who wants to find the perfect Christmas gift for the reader on their list. The average price for a downloadable book is $9.95 as opposed to purchasing a hardbound for $20 something bucks. And there are free book websites that support the Kindle format. My advice to the kids, family members and friends … purchase Amazon.com gift cards. The Kindle will hold up to 1500 books and that’s a library by anyone’s standards. http://www.amazon.com/

OK parents and grandparents, put your kids in front of the computer screen and send them to PBS KIDS Island. This site is designed for reading practice, from letter recognition to reading words and is created for kids 2 to 6 years old. The island is an amusement park filled with reading games where players work on reading skills to earn tickets to get prizes to decorate their tree house and to unlock new rides and games. Prizes also include printable coloring sheets and trading cards, and video clips from the various shows that can be watched on the tree house TV. The reading games have been collected from elsewhere on the PBS KIDS website, from family of reading-based tv shows including Sesame Street, Super WHY!, Word World, and Between the Lions. It’s fun for them and teaches them while they play … http://pbskids.org/read/

For the older kids in your home, MakeBeliefsComix.com allows users to create original comic strips by selecting characters and adding their own text. The site is geared toward children, and instructions for use are clear and simple, making it a fun and age-appropriate actitivy for kids 8 and up – although those as young as 5 could create comics with their parents’ help and have plenty of fun. Although the site does not currently store the comics users create, there is an option to print them; and users also can email comics, which offers a very original and personal way for kids to send an email greeting card to family and friends. Here’s a hint, if you know a short joke, use the comix to show it. http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/

For some reason, the bookstore clerk couldn’t get the computer to recognize my preferred customer card. Peering over her shoulder at the screen, I said, “There’s part of the problem. It shows my birth date as 12/30/1899.”
“That’s right,” my husband chimed in. “She was born in June, not December.”
(thanks, Mark)
I feel inadequate when talking with a mechanic, so when my vehicle started making a strange noise, I sought help from a friend. A car nut, he told me how to explain the difficulty when I took it in for repair.
At the shop, I proudly recited, “The timing is off, and there are premature detonations, which may damage the valves.”
As I smugly glanced over the mechanic’s shoulder, I saw him write on his clipboard, “Lady says it makes a funny noise.”
(thanks, Pam)
A Network Technician tells this user that IT is taking the network switch down, which will affect the user’s PC and printing connections for about half an hour.
Three minutes later, he sees the user pop her head out of her cubicle.
User: “Are you bringing anything else down?”
Tech: No, why?
User: “Because my coffee pot just went out.”
(thanks, Nancy)
On Father’s Day, a little boy decides to make his dad breakfast in bed. He makes scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. He brings it into his dad, hands him the cup of coffee and says,”Try it dad.”
The dad takes a sip and nearly passes out because it is so strong. The little boy asks,”How do you like it Dad?” The dad doesn’t want to hurt the little boy’s feelings so he says, ”This is….something else, I’ve never tasted coffee quite like this before, Son.” The little boy smiles from ear to ear. And says, ”Drink some more Pops.”
As the dad is drinking, he notices two army men in the bottom of the cup, and says,”Hey! Why did you put army men in here?”
The little boy again smiles and sings,”The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is SOLDIERS In Your Cup.”
(thanks, Henry)
Well, that’s a wrap on this week’s WebLetter, friends. Have a great weekend … it’s Homecoming at First Baptist in Fernandina Beach as we are celebrating 150 years of service. You can watch it online at the website www.FBFirst.net.
Til next weekend, may God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

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