Jim’s WebLetter for 10/10/09

Jim’s WebLetter

Hi-ya friends!

This is a brief Webletter this week as I frankly have too many things
going on to be able to tell you everything I found over the past few
days. Of the many things going on around the Web, the sound of
Windows 7 ramping up is getting louder. On his blog, Personal
Technology, Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journalist talks about and
shows you by video, of his testing over a 10 month period with a
number of different computers. His result as he put it, Windows 7 “is
a success” over Windows’ previous operating system, Vista.

Among the improved features with W7 is security and networking. Does
this mean we won’t need an antivirus program, no. But it does mean
our information is more protected. That’s good news. When you visit
the Windows 7 website, you’re greeted with “Waiting is the hardest
part” because it’s not due to be released in it’s full glory until
October 22nd.
Once on the site, there is a link to help you find a PC that works for
you and works with W7. It contains a walk-through to give you all the
information you need to ensure you can move from your current system
into the new one.

Next, Yahoo has been doing some interesting work lately with combining
the internet and televison to become the next thing after cable
broadcasting. Indeed, at Yahoo’s Open Hack Day 2009 in New York City,
the conversation was a collection of tweeting what you watch while
clicking on and bringing up a video or live event being shown on the
internet, connected to your TV. You can even imagine it all being
controlled by your cellphone as the remote control. Here’s the story
from Andrew Nusca & Jennifer Bergen on ZDNet.

Here’s a TV with loads of things for parents of active children.
Activity TV has fun activities for kids with free video instructions
and printables. Crafts, Magic, Puppets, Music, Dance, and an
interesting page called Kidz Bop with on-demand music hits sung by
kids for kids. http://www.activitytv.com/reviews.aspx?actID=77

Every morning, one of the secretaries in our office opens the
newspaper and reads everyone’s horoscope aloud.
“Gwen,” said our boss finally, “you seem to be a normal, level headed
person. Do you really believe in astrology?”
“Of course not. You know how skeptical we Capricorns are.”
(thanks, Cal)
When Dad’s satellite dish conked out, I found him on the phone with
the help desk. The TV set was pulled away from the wall, and he was
staring at the mass of tangled wires spilling out the back of it. He
looked absolutely overwhelmed.
“Tell you what I’m going to do,” Dad said to the technician. “I’m
going to hang up now, go to college for a couple of years, and then
call you back.”
(thanks, Joe)
A six year old goes to the hospital with her grandmother to visit her Grandpa.
When they get to the hospital, she runs ahead of her Grandma and
bursts into her Grandpa’s room…
“Grandpa, Grandpa,” she says excitedly, “As soon as Grandma comes into
the room, make a noise like a frog!”
“What?” said her Grandpa.
“Make a noise like a frog – because Grandma said that as soon as you
croak, we’re all going to Disneyland”
(thanks, Rich)
Since I was a new patient, I had to fill out an information form for
the doctor’s files. The nurse reading it over noticed my unusual name.
“How do you pronounce it?” she asked.
“Na-le-Y-ko,” I said, proud of my Ukrainian heritage.
“That sounds real nice,” she said, smiling.
“Yes, it is melodious,” I agreed.
“So,” she asked sweetly, “what part of Melodia is your family from?”
(thanks, Jeff)
And that’s the latest from my computer collective, Webfolks. Have a
great weekend and until next, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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