Jim’s WebLetter for 4/17/10

Hi-ya folks!

Who knew that a volcanic eruption could cause so much grief? If you are in Europe or want to fly there, forget it. Europe! The volcano in Iceland is still streaming a huge cloud of ash across the North Sea and into airports from one end to the other and causing planes to be parked on runways for days, stranding thousands of people. BBC News has a full page on the volcano and it’s effects on that part of the world … http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8626765.stm

This week Google announced an improvement to it’s Gmail and Calendar features that make using them easier to use. Drag and Drop are buzz words that simply mean you can left click on a file and drag that file into another area and release the button to find that file has moved into a folder or another program. Now you can drag and drop files into the attachments in a Gmail composition window. It is so easy, you want to try it just to prove it works. Simply open up a Gmail mail, left click on a file sitting on your desktop, and drag it into the area normally used to upload the file into the mail and a large space will automatically open up telling you where to place the file.

Now, you can send Google Calendar invitations inside the email, too, plus you can also cross reference your calendar availability with the availability of anyone included in your email thread that you have permission to see. This is great for offices where employees all use a calendar to keep up with company events. Just open a Gmail mail, click Invitation (located next to Attachment) and fill out the window.

Also being talked about this week is the new pair of phones called “Kin”. These smartphones are a social networkers dream with fully integrated access to Facebook and Twitter, better cameras (5 megapixel in the Kin 1 and 8 megapixel in the Kin 2!) and keyboards that are super easy to use. Ken German of CNET talks about them and lets you see how they work in this video …

Finally, Yelp has been around for quite awhile. This search device for finding restaurants, dentists, beauty salons, doctors, etc. wherever you are has stepped it up a notch creating a cellphone application which works with your GPS and shows you directions and reviews. I downloaded the app for Droid into my Eris and found Fernandina Beach listings for all sorts of businesses. This is a real yellow pages killer. Check out the website, download the app … http://www.yelp.com

In conversation, my adult son Larry expressed concern about my future. Confident in my children’s love, I announced, “I’m not going to worry about old age. I have four kids, and I’ll just spend three months with each one.”
“Yes,” Larry replied, “but what are you going to do the second year?”
(thanks, Karen)
Driving in Ohio, we spotted a sign that read, “Wildlife Refuge.”
Seeing a dead deer lying in front of it, my husband shook his head. “He almost made it.”
(thanks, Claire)
In a rush to work one morning, I pulled up to the drive-through window at a fast-food restaurant and ordered some coffee.
Because I was in a hurry, I asked them to put a couple of ice cubes in the coffee so it would cool down more quickly and I could drink it faster.
I sat there at the pick-up window for a few minutes, wondering where they had to go to get my coffee, when a frustrated teenager finally came up and said, “I’m sorry for the delay, but the ice you wanted in your coffee keeps melting!”
(Is this a joke going around Starbucks right now? Thanks, Henry)
Paints were a very precious quantity in the good old days, and British merchants could make a small fortune supplying paints to the colonies.
One company sent a clipper ship full of red paint across the ocean. It had the very bad luck to collide with another ship full of blue paint.
As a result of this disaster, both crews were … marooned.
(thanks, I think, John)
Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather where you are (unless you’re in northern Europe right now). We’re 13 days away from the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival and with the weather we’ve been having, it looks like it’s going to be wonderful!

God bless you and keep you safe.

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