Jim’s WebLetter for 6/26/10

Hi-ya Webfriends!

Week after week, I watch in (sometimes) amazement as the tech world turns. How we advance with new hardware and software that is released that in some cases is better, but still has it’s problems and we (somehow) accept it with open arms knowing that there is something better coming right around the corner. Then once that better thing is released, we welcome it knowing, well, you see how the world turns. Take for instance the release of the new iPhone 4. The sales pitch includes, “sleeker phone, better camera, longer battery life and better reception”, but as everyone is discovering, if you hold the phone a certain way (the way MOST people hold a phone), you get dropped calls. The response from Apple can be summed up in the joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says, “doc, if I hold my arm up this way I get a pain in my elbow”, to which the doctor replies, “well then, don’t do that”. Steve Jobs actually released a memo to the world telling it, if you use the phone, hold it in a different way, or use the phone holder (which costs extra). And the world replied, “Oh, ok”. Like I said, I am amazed.

But as the technology continues to improve and is pushed to the stores for us to buy and try, it also puts us in a precarious situation. After all, what do you do with the older stuff because of the newer innovation? One store, Gazelle.com will buy your older gadgets from you at a lower price … be it a phone, laptop, digial camera or just about anything else tech-related. That, in turn is sold to those of us who would like to upgrade from what we have but can’t afford the newest buy and try stuff. And the world turns. This, webfriends, is the way it has been going and will likely continue, maybe even at a faster pace as more people get involved with applications (the new name for ‘software’) for the hardware, and more people with money to spend head to the store and purchase the newest “thing-a-ma-bob” (ok that’s not in the dictionary but anyone over 40 knows what that means).

So today, I have some things on the new list for you to try because I found them fascinating and the good news is, you have nothing to buy and FREE is still the best four letter word I know.

Depending where you live, almost one out of 10 people are out of work. Chances are, you know someone who lost their job and is searching. Here’s something for them and anyone with a smartphone … it’s called DUB. It’s a mobile business card. Rather than walk around with a pocket full of cards, you can easily use DUB to push your card to whomever you contact. It’s free to sign up and only takes a minute to enter your info. You don’t have to be out of work to use it, but it shows your future boss that you are tech savvy and anything that sets you apart from all the others is helpful … http://www.dubmenow.com/

Here’s an easy way to work with your Google Apps like calendar, email, maps, and YouTube from your home, office, everywhere. Until now, I have bookmarked my applications or use gmail to access them. Now I use Gpanion on my computer, and have buttons that take me there in one click. I can add applications to the list, too. It works on the computer, iPad, iPhone, mobile phones, and television. http://gpanion.com/

Last, here’s a blog from Fink. After typing that, I realized how funny that read. But this guy has created a blog of stuff we remember as a kid. He also has do-it-yourself things on here … how to make your own guitar, for instance. But as you scroll down, stop at the chemistry set and the glass blowing set. You used to be able to buy those things and kids used them. I used to have a Chem Craft set. That’s how I became interested in chemistry. Check out some of the other things he’s listed … http://www.finkbuilt.com/blog/

At the dentist’s office for oral surgery, I was handed a couple of forms to fill out. As I signed the first one, I joked with the receptionist, “Does this say that even if you pull my head completely off, I can’t sue you?”
“No, that’s the next sheet. This one says you still have to pay us.”
(thanks, Dave)
A young couple honeymooning in Las Vegas had been doing very badly in the casinos. The groom told the bride, “I have a hunch that I can turn our luck around if I go down
Once in the casino, he put a dollar into each of two slot machines. He hit the jackpot on both of them and walked away with $10,000. He then played blackjack for a couple of hours until he had $50,000 in chips. Next, he played poker and upped his winnings to $100,000.
He was about to cash in his chips when he got a hunch that his luck hadn’t run out. So he took all his money and placed it on Black at the roulette table, hoping to double his money. The ball landed on Double Zero.
He returned to his room. His bride asked, “How did you do?”
The groom shrugged and said, “I lost two dollars.”
(thanks, Larry)
A doctor of psychology was doing his normal morning rounds when he entered a patient’s room. He found Patient #1 sitting on the floor, pretending to saw a piece of wood in half. Patient #2 was hanging from the ceiling, by his feet. The doctor asked Patient #1 what he was doing. The patient replied, “Can’t you see I’m sawing this piece of wood in half?”
The doctor inquired of Patient #1 what Patient #2 was doing. Patient #1 replied, “Oh. He’s my friend, but he’s a little crazy. He thinks he’s a light bulb.”
The doctor looks up and notices Patient #2’s face is going all red. The doctor asks Patient #1, “If he’s your friend, you should get him down from there before he hurts himself?”
Patient #1 replies, “What? And work in the dark?”
(thanks, Jen)
It’s a hot day in the un-air-conditioned building where this IT technician works, and the temperature is getting to everyone.
“Everyone on the upper floors, that is,” says the tech. “It was quite cool and pleasant in my basement office/workshop.”
Then the telephone rang — one of the bright young men in the marketing department. “Sorry to be a nuisance,” he said, “but my screen’s just gone dead and I’m on a bit of a deadline.”
Tech trudges up to the open-plan office this customer shares with half a dozen others. It isn’t exactly cool up there, but there is some air movement from a floor-standing fan.
It only takes the tech a few seconds to diagnose the problem. But he figures he should lead the customer to it gently.
“Nice fan,” tech says. “Is it new?”
“Scrounged,” customer says. “Got it for the afternoon from H.R.”
“Where is it plugged in?” tech asks.
“The six-outlet power strip under my desk.”
“And did you have to unplug anything to make room for it?”
Short pause.
Sighs customer, “I’ve unplugged my monitor, haven’t I?”
(thanks, Chet … been there, done that)
And that’s another week’s look through my computer screen, Webfriends. Have a great weekend, stay cool during this hot summer, and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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