Jim’s WebLetter for 7/31/10

Hi-ya friends and net neighbors!

Last weekend we spent time in Lindale and Tyler, Texas where I graduated high school. It was my 40th reunion. While everything has changed since way back then, there was one thing that has improved … the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden. Tyler is known as the “Rose Capital of the Nation” in that some 40% of all roses sold in the US come from there. The Municipal Rose Garden features almost 40,000 plants along with water features and designated gardens that make the visit one you will never forget. Can you imagine the fragrance of all those roses? It was wonderful. Here’s the annual Rose Festival website with a link showing off the garden … http://www.texasrosefestival.com/

In the past two weeks, there have been so many things taking place, one blog isn’t enough to cover them all, so I’m gonna just hit a few things and show you what I found interesting on the Web …

A sign of our times was exemplified this week as we learned an Army intelligence specialist, Bradley Manning, “allegedly” managed to grab around 92,000 top secret documents and pass them off to the online organization Wikileaks. Dubbed “The War Logs”, they show military involvement in Afghanistan … the good, the bad and the ugly. Specialist Manning has been charged with unlawfully divulging classified information. Frankly, as a veteran I have to say what he did was wrong and he deserves to spend a lot of time in prison. So much for defending the Constitution of the United States that you swore to do, huh Brad? Here’s more about Wikileaks.org … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikileaks

Taking photos and showing them off just hit a new high as Flixtime has just made making videos and slideshows of your pics easy as 1, 2, 3. All you do is sign up for a free account, upload your photos, videos and music or narration and create. Check out some of the examples … http://flixtime.com/

Twitter users, tonight you’re just going to have to find something else to do for a few hours as they have a planned downtime so their host, NTT America, can upgrade their system. This means that, after 11 pm, Twitter will be offline. Since millions of people regularly use the online feature, that should give other attractions, like late night television, a chance for better ratings. Yea, like THAT will happen! http://status.twitter.com/post/881383317/planned-network-maintenance-saturday-july-31st-11pm

Lastly today, I want to introduce you to Mr Doob, whose real name is Ricardo Cabello. He’s a designer and developer who is what I call, a futurist. He has been working with HTML 5, the new code that will be replacing the older coding that goes into making websites work. What he has done on his site is show loads of things he has built using the new coding in conjunction with other things like flash and your webcam. Take a few minutes, pick one of the picture boxes on the top of the page and see what he has developed … you may find yourself spending quite a bit of time trying things out. http://mrdoob.com/

When I was a 20-something college student, I became quite friendly with my study partner, a 64-year-old man, who had returned to school to finish his degree. He confessed, with a wink, that he had once thought more than friendship might be a possibility between us.
“So what changed your mind?” I asked him.
“I went to my doctor and asked if he thought a 40-year age difference between a man and woman was insurmountable. He looked at my chart and said, ‘You’re interested in someone who’s 104?!'”
(thanks, Patty)
In the dorm, one of the favorite intramural sports was water fights … dousing and bombarding one another with water from squirt guns, glasses, balloons, even wastebaskets. Since each room had a sink, there was endless ammunition. The most frequent target was the Resident Assistant.
Approaching his room one afternoon, the Resident Assistant noticed his door was ajar. Looking up, he saw a pail of water balanced on the door’s edge, ready to fall on him. As he took down the pail and emptied it into his sink, he thought: Those crazy guys actually thought they could fool me with that old gag! It was then he realized that “those crazy guys” had removed the drainpipe beneath his sink.
(thanks, Alfred)
When my mother was called for jury duty, she felt confident of her ability to answer the questions asked of prospective jurors.
As a young attorney, I had filled her in on what to expect.
Asked about the occupations of family members, Mom answered, “My son is a lawyer.”
As a follow-up, she was asked if she had ever used the services of an attorney.
“Only to mow my lawn.”
(would he be called a “Lawnyer?” … thanks, Steve)
And that’s this week’s collective of things Webworthy, friends and neighbors. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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