Jim’s WebLetter for 2-12-11

Hi-ya folks!

It’s Saturday morning and looking back over the Web news of the week, it seems that the internet had A LOT to play into the overthrow of the Egyptian government. Twitter and Facebook both were the platforms for unrest and a voice for the demonstrators who convinced President Mobarak that he should step down and relinquish his 30 year control of the government. This shows the strength and power that our social media has on the world. While governments have been overthrown in the past, the magnitude of the public’s outcry was far greater this time because of social media’s connection with hundreds of millions of viewers.

In this issue of JWL, I will show you a new security system being created by Google, as well as new features the Mountain View giant is rolling out. Also, Facebook is getting ready to change (again). Hopefully for the better.

With hacking growing at an alarming rate, it’s important to know that Google has devised a two factor authorization that will help deter having your information stolen. Although this isn’t a new idea, it is one that will cause you to learn two passwords instead of one. Before you think anything of it, realize that Google is rolling it out and may not have come to you yet. And even though it is an extra step and uncommon to what you may be used to doing, the two factor authorization well help keep your private information, private. http://techcrunch.com/2011/02/10/google-rolls-out-two-factor-authentication-for-everyone-you-should-use-it/

Facebook has been working on a new layout for it’s user pages and is due to release the change very soon. The most significant changes to Facebook pages are the newly launched features for page administrators. The new Facebook page system adds in some basic-sounding but long-missing options for page owners, most of which revolve around the ability to sign in as your page. If you have a Facebook page, you’ll find a new option under the “Account” menu on the top-right corner of the site to “Use Facebook as Page.” Once you activate that, you’ll receive in-site notifications anytime someone likes your page, posts on your page, or comments on something posted on your page. Along with a new look, all these changes are designed to make Facebook more interesting, more attractive than before. http://mashable.com/2011/02/10/facebook-pages-redesign-2/

Mashable’s Aliza Sherman also wrote of the advantages Brands have with the new Facebook … http://mashable.com/2011/02/11/new-facebook-pages-brands/

Google has turned it’s focus to marriage by taking on an unlikely role of wedding planner and just in time for Valentines Day. They’ve teamed up with wedding planner Michelle Rago for the templates, and Rago also provides tips to the soon-to-be-betrothed. To spread the word, Google is also hosting a wedding sweepstakes offering a prize of $25,000 and the chance to get Rago to help plan your wedding. https://www.google.com/appserve/fb/forms/googleforweddings/

Meanwhile, another part of the Google empire wants to become your go-to place for travel. Most specifically Google is looking to enter air travel search. According to the article in the NY Times, travelers could type in (for instance) that they want to go to a warm, child-friendly destination in March for less than $300 and Google would present the options. Google says it does not plan to sell airline tickets itself, but only to develop a flight search engine which sends shoppers to the airlines’ own Web sites or to online travel agencies. Sounds like a win-win for everyone except for the travel competition like Expedia and Kayak. We’ll see … http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/11/business/11air.html?ref=technology

A minister was planning a wedding at the close of the Sunday morning service.
After the benediction he had planned to call the couple down to be married for a brief ceremony before the congregation. For the life of him, he couldn’t think of the names of those who were to be married. “Will those wanting to get married please come to the front?” he requested.
Immediately, nine single ladies, three widows, four widowers, and six single men stepped to the front.
(thanks, Robert)
I was the substitute teacher for a second-grade math class that was learning about groups. In one exercise, pupils were asked to label a group of items according to their common characteristics. Pictured were onion rings, doughnuts, a bundt cake, and ring cookies. The correct answer would have been that all the items have holes in the center.
But one health-conscious boy’s response was, “All of those things contain too much cholesterol.”
(thanks, Brenda)
Recently, I called to make reservations on a small charter plane that departs from an equally small airport.
I knew that I would be flying in a very small plane, so I was not surprised when the clerk said, “The plane is very full with baggage and passengers.”
Then she asked, “How much do you weigh, sir?”
Not thinking clearly I answered, “With or without clothes?”
“Well,” said the clerk, “how do you intend to travel?”
(thanks, Franklin)
The flight attendant watched a passenger try to stuff his hopelessly overloaded bags into the overhead bin. Finally she informed him that he would have to check the over-sized luggage.
“When I fly other airlines,” he said irritably, “I never have this problem!”
She smiled and said, “Sir, when you fly other airlines, I don’t have this problem either.”
(thanks, Tim)
And that’s the week’s picks as I see ’em on the Web. Until next, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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