Jim’s WebLetter for 4/23/11

Hi-ya webfolks!

In the past couple of days, there has been an uproar over the fact that Apple has been collecting geographical location data from it’s iPhone and 3G iPad machines. The idea is that everywhere you go with your iPhone or iPad, Apple is tracking you. If you think that this is a violation of your privacy, keep something in mind. Organizations like Google have been doing it for years. Everytime you use Google Maps or even a Garvan GPS, you are showing your location. What seems to be the issue is Apple is doing it and not telling you they’re doing it. Well, now you know. So the bottom line is, if you don’t want people to know where you are, don’t own a product that is GPS based. Wired magazine’s Brian Chen writes about it … http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/04/apple-iphone-tracking/

So after reporting about the new storage service from Amazon.com, it seems that the backup service has a glitch. Matter of fact, Amazon’s service which feeds information to some of the leading websites across the country, had a blackout causing those websites to loose resources. To this day, they’re still trying to get their computers back up and running. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2011-04-21-amazon-outage.htm

Here’s yet another easy way to listen to music you like. The service is called “instant fm” and is created by a Stanford University guy who created Youtube Instant. What instant fm is all about is creating playlists of songs and mashing them together to create huge playlists from all sorts of music sources, including iTunes and YouTube. Then sharing them with whomever wants to listen, instantly creating your own “radio station”. http://instant.fm/

Here’s a website that’s a game. It’s called Vanished and here’s a synopsis that tells you what the game is about: “The premise is that people living in the future have contacted us in the present to answer a question: What event occurred between our time and theirs that led to the loss of civilization’s historical records? Students must decode clues in hidden messages, and in response find and provide information about Earth’s current condition, such as temperature and species data, to help people in the future deduce what wound up happening.” Created by students at MIT, this is the type of game that can be very involved, or spend just a little bit of time. There’s a page dedicated to teachers and parents to help them better understand what their students/children will be doing. https://vanished.mit.edu/user/register

Finally, and with tongue in cheek, here is a list compiled by Perez Solomon of 45 McDonald meals not served here in the US. True! http://perezsolomon.com/2011/04/22/45-mcdonalds-meals-not-available-in-the-usa/


Lawyer: Tell us about the fight.
Witness: I didn’t see no fight.
Lawyer: Well, tell us what you did see.
Witness: I went to a dance at the Turner house, and as the men swung around and changed partners, they would slap each other, and one fellow hit harder than the other one liked, and so the other one hit back and somebody pulled a knife and someone else drew a six-shooter and another guy came up with a rifle that had been hidden under a bed, and the air was filled with yelling and smoke and bullets.
Lawyer: You, too, were shot in the fracas?
Witness: No sir, I was shot midway between the fracas and the navel.
(thanks, Richard)
I had just finished my dental appointment when I decided to stop at my bank. Barely able to enunciate, I told the teller, “I’m sorry about not speaking more clearly. I’ve had Novocaine.”
“You should have used the drive-through,” she said.
“Everyone who goes through sounds like you,” she explained.
(thanks, Max)
In his younger days our golden retriever, Catcher, often ran away when he had the chance. His veterinarian’s office was about a mile down the road and Catcher would usually go there. The office staff knew him and would call me to come pick him up.
One day I called the vet to make an appointment for Catcher’s yearly vaccine.
“Will you be bringing him in yourself,” asked the receptionist, “or will he come on his own?”
(thanks, Tim)
My sister felt she was well prepared for her in-depth interview with the Police Academy Board who would determine her suitability as a candidate.
The first situation they presented to her was: “On routine patrol you see a car traveling at excessive speed, with undue care and attention. You pull it over and discover that the driver is your brother. What do you do?”
Without hesitation she replied, “Tell Mom!”
She was accepted.
(thanks, Tonya)
This is Easter weekend. I hope you make it one to remember why we celebrate it. We will be at Peters Point Sunday morning for the sunrise service which starts at 6:45. If you decide to join us, look for the three crosses.

Until next weekend, when the 48th Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival takes place here in Fernandina, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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