Jim’s WebLetter for 5/7/11

Hi-ya Webfriends!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I can just picture someone realizing they forgot to pick up something for their mother and has just gone into the Panic Mode. Well, of course you can find help online. One place that categorizes gift ideas for Mother’s Day, and I recommend at this late date, is Gifts.com. Here’s a site that allows you to select gifts from a category that best fits your mom. You’ll notice “Last Minute Gifts” as the first in the list. But as you scroll down on the Mother’s day page, you will find moms listed by category. You can also select gifts by price if money IS an object. As their slogan reads, “Gift ideas for anyone and every occasion”, you might bookmark this site for the next time you need a gift in a hurry. http://www.gifts.com/

This week, news spread that hackers picked Sony’s Nintendo Playstation network to break in and steal data on registered users, not once, but twice (and there’s rumor that they’re getting ready to do it again). Sony is back-peddling on the matter. Meanwhile, it’s caught the attention of the Federal Government who is asking the Sony corporation what they are doing about it. Sony shut the system’s internet down, but is already talking about bringing it back up. If you are a member of the Playstation network, chances are your information may have been compromised. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/05/05/sony-chief-says-playstation-network-to-return-soon/?ref=technology

Also this week, I received information from Kim Komando about a MAC Defender virus. What Apple has successfully made it’s users believe over the years is that MAC machine’s don’t get viruses which is why they don’t need protection like a PC does.

Well, NEWS FLASH … that is no longer so. According to Kim’s article, MAC users “can get MAC Defender by clicking on a malicious Web link. Hackers like using links that look like popular news stories. They also push infected images in Google’s Image Search. Clicking a bad link or photo takes you to a malicious Website. Clicking any link on the site downloads MAC Defender. On most Macs, the program will run automatically. Most Mac owners use Apple’s Safari browser. Safari is set to automatically run downloaded files. So it automatically brings up MAC Defender’s install screen. You are prompted for your administrator password to finish the installation. You don’t want to enter that; just close the installer. Installing the program will generate false infection warnings. It will also hassle you to pay for MAC Defender’s “services.” If you don’t pay, it will start loading pornography pop-ups. There are some ways you can stay safe. Only click on links from legitimate Websites. If you find yourself on a suspicious-looking site, leave without clicking anything.”

Apple’s Support Community released a fix for MAC Defender. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3029144?start=0&tstart=0

Finally, this week I upgraded my phone to the new HTC Incredible 2. Several factors led to my decision on the new hardware. But the main things that got my attention were the ability to use Vodaphone in Europe to make calls with my Verizon Wireless phone (for future vacations), and the fact that the dual core processor makes this thing more computer like (it’s fast!). Yes, it has cameras on the front and back (8 megapixel on the back takes nice photos with flash), and it has the Adroid 2.2.1 system running it. Oh, yea, it also makes phone calls. You laugh, but today, I spend as much time on the Web as I do with anything else the phone and it’s Droid Apps provide and I wanted a phone with clean, clear graphics and video playback capabilities. I got it in the Incredible 2. Second generation hardware is ALWAYS the way to go over first generation. They worked the bugs out. The one thing I don’t like is Verizon convinced Android to remove any tethering applications from it’s Market so I can’t connect my phone to my PC and use the data connection to connect to the internet when I’m not in a wireless hotspot. But if that’s the only thing, I’m happy. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?&item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneDetail&selectedPhoneId=5641

The late, great Bob Hope was always ready with a quick joke. Among them was this classic:
“They say animal behavior can warn you when an earthquake is coming. Like the night before that last earthquake hit, our family dog took the car keys and drove to Arizona”.
(thanks, Gene)
As a secret shopper for a large department store, my sister made purchases at various chains and then reported back to supervisors on the clerks’ performances. After a few weeks, I asked her if she was enjoying her new job.
“I love it!” she replied. “I’m getting paid for doing two of my favorite things in life — shopping and criticizing people.”
(thanks, Tim)
The minister’s little six-year-old girl had been so naughty during the week that her mother decided to give her the worst kind of punishment. She told her she couldn’t go to the Sunday School Picnic on Saturday.
When the day came, her mother felt she had been too harsh and changed her mind. When she told the little girl she could go to the picnic, the child’s reaction was one of gloom and unhappiness.
“What’s the matter? I thought you’d be glad to go to the picnic.” her mother said.
“It’s too late!” the little girl said. “I’ve already prayed for rain.”
(thanks, Nancy)
So, have a great weekend, remember Mom on Sunday, and until next weekend as always, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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