Jim’s WebLetter for 10/8/11

Hi-ya friends!

The tech world lost a front runner this week as Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer. After the shock has worn off, everyone will be watching to see what becomes of Apple now. One source has said there are about two years of Jobs’ ideas in the pipeline. Personally, I am waiting on the iPad 3 because I believe that everything in that machine will be what I am looking for in a tablet – more power, upgraded screen and better connectibility with other machines, both Apple and PC. As time goes on, more and more will be told about Steve Jobs, but one thing that everyone agrees on is he left for us a prime example of someone who had a dream and made it become reality. He will be missed.

Also this week, the release of the new iPhone 4S. I watched a video explaining one of the new apps called Siri, and I am more than impressed. This new speech technology takes it all to the next level. Here’s the video explaining it … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLwNm79H-wE

You know who has become the number one source for news? Nope, it’s not CNN … they’re a distant 2nd. It happens to be Yahoo. It also has more in sports than ESPN and more in finance than Dow Jones, owner of The Wall Street Journal. Add to this, the company announced on Monday that it had partnered with Walt Disney’s ABC unit to showcase articles and videos from ABC News, and to create a co-branded Web site for “Good Morning America.” Top all this with the fact that this month, Yahoo will exclusively video-stream a charity concert that includes performances by Lady Gaga, Usher and Bono. In short, Yahoo is making itself the go-to place for news, sports and entertainment. Now if they can just convert that into revenue … http://www.yahoo.com/

AnyMeeting, a free web conferencing service, launched a redesign of its user interface, that brings the service an upgraded version that makes it even easier to meet with your friends and colleagues without actually having to see them in person. The company has also added a simultaneous video chat and broadcasting feature, much like Google+ Hangouts, that allows up to six participants to talk to each other and collaborate in realtime. The site also allows you to create custom greetings, sell tickets to video events and provides data of those who watched the broadcast. Did you notice the aforementioned word, “free”? http://www.anymeeting.com/

The boss ordered one of his men to dig a hole eight feet deep. After the job was completed the boss returned and explained an error had been made and the hole wouldn’t be needed. “Fill ‘er up,” he ordered.
The worker did as he’d been told. But he ran into a problem. He couldn’t get all the dirt packed back into the hole without leaving a mound on top. He went to the office and explained his problem.
The boss snorted, “Honestly! The kind of help you get these days! There’s obviously only one thing to do. You’ll have to dig that hole deeper!”
(thanks, Douglas)
I hate people who forward too many warnings as much as anyone, but this one is important!
Send this warning to everyone you know, friends and enemies!
If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey on deer ticks and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around, do not do it!
IT IS A SCAM; they only want to see you naked!
I wish I’d gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid now.
(thanks, Lou)
A month after Donald MacDonald started at Harvard, his mother called from Scotland. “And how are the American students, Donald?” she asked.
“They’re so noisy,” he complained. “One neighbor endlessly bangs his head against the wall, while another screams all night.”
“How do you put up with it?”
“I just ignore them and play my bagpipes.”
(thanks, Marilyn)
Have a great weekend and, til next, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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