Jim’s WebLetter for 3/1012

Hi-ya JWL friends and readers!

Well, I did it … an hour after the announcement and re-opening of the Apple store, I preordered the latest version of the iPad, known as “the new iPad”. No, it’s not an iPad 3, it’s known as the 3rd generation. I expect to receive it next Friday, so I will let you know a bit about it in the next issue.

So, have you ever wondered what a day on the internet has evolved into being? I remember first getting on the internet back in the mid ’90’s when there were a few thousand sites and thinking that someday there will be millions. MBAOnline has compiled
a study of what kind of things happen and the volume of those things each day on the internet. They put it together as a visual, so I dropped it on a page for you to see – you may be surprised … http://jimonline.com/1/stats.html

As smart phones and tablets are showing the way for touch computing, that is, not using a mouse but using your fingers to make things happen on a screen, now Ericsson, the Swedish communications company, has developed a technology that allows you to transmit or transfer data using your physical body. As this video from BBC shows, imagine touching a door handle that transmits information about the room you are about to walk into to your phone. Imagine getting details when showing a home for sale by just touching the door knob … http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/9702610.stm

This week the US Army published an article to it’s troops about Geotagging. That’s where you can show people where the photo you post was taken and even set up Geotracking to keep tabs on where you are. Not a good idea when you happen to be in the field at the time. According to Army info, the enemy could possibly read your Foursquare or Facebook page, see the photo, find out your position and target you for an attack. Now, frankly, this seems like a no-brainer to me, but … it’s best not to state where your position is ANY TIME, right? Especially if you’re in a forward position in a country like Afghanistan. http://www.army.mil/article/75165/Geotagging_poses_security_risks/

OK, so it’s March and for basketballers, it’s March Madness time. This year, there are several places online that offer a chance for you to follow the games, sign up to win money and a whole lot more. I mean, this is a new generation of webpages that also feed iPhones and Android phones for quick shots, game analysis and downright exciting Madness!!! (settle down, Jim) Mashable has listed the best ones for you to hit, so jump in and take a shot at filling in a bracket and enjoy the b-ball season … http://mashable.com/2012/03/09/march-madness-bracket-sites/

A father stayed home one night to watch his son while his wife went to a PTA meeting. Later in the evening he settled down to watch TV.
But his son repeatedly kept coming in and asking for a glass of water.
After the fifth glass,the dad lost his patience and yelled, “I’m trying to watch the TV. Go to Bed.”
“But Dad”, the boy wined,”my room is still on fire!”
(thanks, Bud)
While assembling furniture for a friend, I asked her five-year-old son to bring me a screwdriver.
He said, “Do you want a Daddy screwdriver or a Mommy screwdriver?”
“Which one can you get faster?”
“The Mommy screwdriver.”
“Okay. Bring me a Mommy screwdriver.”
The child came back and handed me a butter knife.
(thanks, Richard)
There you go, friends … thanks for the two contributors of jokes this week. If you have a funny one you’d like to pass along, I like reading them. If I use it in the WebLetter, I will give you credit. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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