Jim’s WebLetter for 4/20/12

Hi-ya friends and neighbors!

I’m writing this a day early because my wife and I are getting out of town for a day and I can’t wait to tell you of some of the things I came across while on the Web.

First, there is a new computer system called Raspberry Pi which is small, runs Linux, has connections for HDMI, ethernet and USB and even though it runs a bit slow, can support Web surfing and run the graphic editing program Gimp. Best of all, this little computer is just $35. But before you think about ordering one, the preorders have now
reached 350,000 so, it may be awhile before you get it. http://m.geek.com/geekdotcom/#!/entry/4e692d58154c346a4b00012e

Next, my friend Dan sent a link about a man who has created a virtual choir for songs he has composed. Eric Whitacre composed the music and used YouTube to reach out for voices and give instruction for the different parts for the singers. They in return sent links to their videos for him to download. Couple that with audio mixing and a creative graphic/video artist, and you have something worth viewing … http://ericwhitacre.com/the-virtual-choir

Tuesday is the reported day when Google opens its new cloud service called Drive. In a time when everyone is offering their own cloud service, what makes Google Drive different? How about 5 gigs of free space compared to the typical 2 gigs offered by the likes of Apple and Amazon. Just have your Gmail address ready.

Finally, this week an American icon died. Dick Clark passed away as a result of a heart attack. He was 82. I was one of the kids who watched American Bandstand when it first hit network television because as so many others, I found it fascinating that the popular music of our time was being played and rated on TV. Many of the song’s artists appeared on the show. Dick was known for launching the careers of musicians like Aretha Franklin, Chubby Checker and Paul Revere and the Raiders. He later would create shows with his production company that are still shown in reruns. His company’s website has a video you should watch … http://dickclark.com/

A guy is going ice fishing (it is the winter in Minnesota) and he walks out onto the ice and begins drilling a hole. A loud voice – the voice of God – sounds around him. “There are no fish here!” “Hm,” the man thinks, and picks up his things to move to another place on the ice. As he begins drilling his second hole, again he hears, “There are
no fish here!” “Must be my lucky day,” he thinks. “Someone’s looking out for me.” And he moves again. As he begins drilling his third hole, the voice rings out, “This is the rink attendant! There are NO FISH HERE!”
(thanks, Ron)
While cleaning the attic, Joan and Harry found an old stub for some shoes they left at the repair shop 10 years ago. They thought it would be funny to go to the shop and see if the shoes were still there. So they did. They handed the stub to the repair man who took it and looked in the back. He came out again and said, “They’ll be ready on
(thanks Donna)
And that’s this week’s look at the Web, folks. Have a great weekend and as always, I pray that God bless you and keep you safe.

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