Jim’s WebLetter for 5/19/12

Hi-ya friends!

This weekend, I have some sites to show you which demonstrate the latest that’s happening on the Web. Trends show that more people are becoming comfortable using Cloud services. For those of you who are still a bit sketchy on the subject, I have a place that may help. Also, the “Jetson’s” dream of running your home appliances through the internet just took a giant leap forward. Google just got smarter, and an application I have begun using on my new iPad. This and more on Jim’s WebLetter …

First, a number of questions have come up from the idea of uploading content and saving it on Clouds. Specifically, I am asked how to do it, how safe is it, and what’s the best one to use. I am using two cloud services, one because it’s an extension of Google Documents called Google Drive, and Microsoft’s cloud Skydrive. I also have iCloud through the iPad, but only use it to back up my apps. The term “back up” is important here because if I didn’t do anything else, I am backing up every photo, document and video I do in case the computer crashes. But I came across an article from Lifehacker which explains in some detail the primary and most popular Clouds. Take a few moments to read this … http://lifehacker.com/5911022/what-cool-things-can-i-do-with-all-this-free-cloud-storage-space

Next, a company has been working to create a means of controlling appliances in the home through the Internet using a small, inexpensive chip. Electric Imp has come up with the “Imp Chip” that does exactly that. Using their software, the installed chip can be used to operate all sorts of appliances and electric-run gadgets. The implications are enormous and definitely something worth investigating … http://gizmodo.com/5910798/electric-imp-wants-to-connect-your-everything-to-the-internet

This week, Google made the news based on their signature feature. The search engine just became smarter. Using what is known as the “knowledge graph”, searches you make on certain names and words will open a window with more details based on what other people found when they searched for those same names and terms. The enhancement makes your research even more productive. http://mashable.com/2012/05/16/google-knowledge-graph/

And last but not least, I am using an app on the iPad called 123d Catch, an easy 3D photo app that takes your pictures of an image and stitches them together in their cloud. The result is an image in 3D you created simply and affordably. How simple and affordable? They show you how to do it, give you plenty of examples, and the app is free through the App Store. Simple enough? Get details from their website … http://www.123dapp.com/catch

The IAMS Pet Professionals, a team of 30 trained customer service representatives at The Iams Company, handle more than 300,000 inquiries a year from pet owners across the country. Although the majority of calls to the toll-free number are straightforward pet care and nutrition questions, some can be quite unconventional. Here are some of the team’s favorite calls this year:

“My cat just came in from the garage and I was wondering how many calories are in a mouse?”
“I have a neutered male cat. How old should he be before I can breed him?”
“What should I feed a borderline collie?”
“What size litter box do I need to keep my cat comfy?”
“How can I keep my cat from stealing my husband’s toothbrush?”
“How can I get the secret recipe for your Iams Chunks dog food?”
“How do I stop my cat from giving food to the dog?”
“Do you know how to toilet train a cat?”
“Will chewing pop cans remove enamel from my puppy’s teeth?”
“Where can I get a six-toed cat?”
(thanks, Brenda)
John was never shy about reminding people that he played semi-pro baseball.
“My teammates used to call me James Bond,” he was telling his friends. “I had all sorts of tricks to confuse the opposition.”
“That and he batted .007,” his wife added.
(thanks, Ron)
So, check out the sites, and if you come across a joke you think the readers would enjoy, pass it along. Til next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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