Jim’s WebLetter for 5/26/12

Hi-ya folks!

Seems the biggest news stories of the week are centered around Facebook … Whether it’s the stock which is not performing as many had hoped (“biggest IPO flop of the decade”, according to Bloomberg), or the attraction so many companies have had with their applications that add to Facebook’s functionality. But, all the light shown on FB means other internet properties can release new things for trial and no one will object. So let me show you a few of the items I came across this week.

Still waiting on the final OK, Facebook purchased photo mega site Instagram, but wait … What’s this? Facebook Camera? Yep, there’s a new app that allows you to shoot, edit and upload to Facebook and see what your friends are up to. Here’s the what and why they released the app … http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/why-facebook-just-launched-its-own-instagram.php

Microsoft has made its new feature public … So.cl (pronounced social), this social search platform integrates with Facebook and allows users to build networks and visual collages. With the multitude of photo enhancers and fixers available to phone cameras, this seems like a great way to create your own group of friends and like-minded acquaintances. http://www.so.cl/

Something new just hit the Internet this week … Yahoo has come out with a browser. Axis is a unique search and show browser that relies on images and a multiplatform system so you can dig deeper into your searches faster. Something I noticed, tho’ … It seems to work best on tablets, rather than desktops and phones. Even though it’s integrated and can be used on all three simultaneously. Check out the sites’ video … http://axis.yahoo.com/

Other than Axis, I have been using a quick go-to source to find out what’s new in the tech world called Appy Geek. This app for Android and iPad tablets and phones gives an easy to follow system of images with direct links to full stories. Plus the app lets you create, personalize and prioritize your own news feeds and offers ample customization/sharing features.

The elevator in our building malfunctioned one day, leaving several of us stranded. Seeing a sign that listed two emergency phone numbers, I dialed the first and explained our situation.
After what seemed to be a very long silence, the voice on the other end said, “I don’t know what you expect me to do for you. I’m a psychologist.”
“A psychologist?” I replied. “Your phone is listed here as an emergency number. Can’t you help us?”
“Well,” he finally responded in a measured tone. “How do you feel about being stuck in an elevator?”
(thanks, Phil)
Psychiatry students were in their Emotional Extremes class.
“Let’s set some parameters,” the professor said. “What’s the opposite of joy?” he asked one student.
“Sadness,” he replied.
“The opposite of depression?” he asked another student.
“Elation,” he replied.
“The opposite of woe?” the professor asked a young woman from Texas.
The Texan replied, “Sir, I believe that would be giddyup.”
(thanks, Tim)
Looks like rain this weekend from a storm system in the Atlantic, so have a good one, remember Monday as we observe Memorial Day, and until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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