Jim’s WebLetter for 10/6/12

Hi-ya Folks!

I’m back from a vacation that took us to Rome, Florence, Capri and Sorrento. The latter part of September is a good time to go as summer crowds are fading and the temperatures are moderate. I noticed that technology isn’t on the same level as ours, although we did have wireless Internet in the hotels we stayed and there were a few wifi hotspots around. As a result, we were able to make calls back home free of charge by using an app called Talkatone (for iphone/ipad and android) which uses Google Voice as its backbone. It sure beat having to rent a phone or purchase a SIM card.

If you’d like to see video compilations of some of the things we saw, head over to http://www.youtube.com/jim32034

While I was vacationing, a number of things took place on the Web … Like for instance, Facebook reached one billion users. Too bad their stock hasn’t grown like their membership.

Here’s a site for Facebook users that enhances photos. Meowfoto allows you to add filters and create colleges of your Facebook images. You will have to authorize the web app to get access to your Facebook in order for it pull in pictures. The effects and filters are extensive, and because it is integrated with Facebook, you can take the edited photos and share them on Facebook without any extra effort. You can add color effects, drawing effects and so much more. https://www.meowfoto.com/

Coming out in just a few days, the new Bond movie, Skyfall. I have always been a fan of James Bond and the new one promises to be a good one. The theme song by Adele is already a hit. Check out the site for Bond, James Bond and watch the videos and play the games … http://www.007.com

This next joke is one I can relate to:
A flight attendant on a United Airlines cross-country flight, about 30 minutes outbound from LA, nervously announced: “I don’t know how this happened, but we have 103 passengers aboard and only 40 dinners.”
When the passenger’s muttering had died down, she continued, “Anyone who is kind enough to give up his meal so someone else can eat will receive free drinks for the length of the flight.”
Her next announcement came an hour later. “If anyone wants to change their mind, we still have 29 dinners available!”
(Thanks, Karen)
An American businessman goes to Japan on a business trip, but he doesn’t care for Japanese food, so he asks the concierge at his hotel if there’s any place around where he can get American food.
The concierge tells him he’s in luck, there’s a pizza place that just opened, and they deliver. The concierge gives the businessman the phone number, and he goes back to his room and orders a pizza.
Thirty minutes later, the delivery guy shows up to the door with the pizza.
The businessman takes the pizza, and starts sneezing uncontrollably. He asks the delivery man, “What on earth did you put on this pizza?”
The delivery man bows deeply and says, “We put on the pizza what you ordered, pepper only.”
(Thanks, Harry)
I loved that last joke. The pizza I fell in love with in Italy, the Pizza Margarita. Basil, tomatoes and cheese. Thin crust.

Have a great weekend friends, and until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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