Jim’s WebLetter for 1/5/13

Hi-ya WebLetter readers and friends! Happy New Year!

Christmas for me included a bluetooth-connected keyboard and cover for my iPad along with a moveable stand with a tablet connection that holds it suspended in front of me. So here I sit in my favorite chair, tapping away on a quiet keyboard.

Coming up this week, a great way to remove all the old dead links and folders on your computer, free instant messaging and calling online, and a cool website for learning. After all, technology is all about learning.

If you’ve owned a computer for any length of time, you probably have accumulated folders, broken links and files you no longer use. Wonder How To is a website loaded with answers to fix it issues you get in everyday life. An article in the site offers suggestions in rounding up the outdated, no-longer-useable things on your computer and getting rid of them. That way, you improve your computer’s life and hard drive space. Scroll down to the operating system you have and follow the instructions.

Instant messaging is still one of the key features people use their smart phones and tablets (next to reading on tablets and phone calls on phones). But you can also instant message on computers with the use of IMO. This service allows for chats, phone calls, and sharing photos and videos too. Message AND call your family and friends for FREE with IMO messenger. Free high-quality voice calls, fast and reliable messaging, photo sharing, and a host of other features. Use the website or download and install the app for IOS and Android. https://imo.im/

This next site, Learnist, is a compilation site designed to let people who know a topic, to teach other people about it. What’s more, every topic is covered by content scattered around the Web. The idea is to give everybody a spot to teach through curation. Learnist, which is also available as an app for iPhone and iPad, features user-created lessons that bring together Web pages, videos, Google Books e-books and other items on a specific topic. Of course, there has to be some sort of safeguard to the system so the information shared is relevant and factual. So only a relatively small group of people approved by the site, including some teachers, can create these “learnings,” but anyone can check them out. http://www.learni.st/

If you have kids between 2 and 8, there’s a site they will love. PBS Kids include the Cat in the Hat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George and all the public-TV friends. They appear in streaming-video versions of their broadcast programs and in games. The website doesn’t assume that the visitor knows how to read, and although the site requires Flash Player, there’s also a Flash-free version that works well on the iPad. http://www.pbskids.org/

One of the highlights of the freshman university biology class was the monthly feeding of a caged rattlesnake kept in the laboratory. One time, the entire class gathered around the cage and, in complete silence, watched as the feeding took place.
“I’m jealous of the snake,” the instructor said. “I never get the class’s undivided attention like this.”
A student answered matter-of-factly, “You would if you could swallow a mouse.”
(thanks, Jack)
In helping my daughter prepare for a dinner party, I volunteered to clean the refrigerator and freezer to make room for the extra food.
I restacked all the frozen dinners, but one casserole blocked my progress. Uncovering it, I found something resembling sauerkraut, noodles and hot dogs in a cream sauce … definitely a disposal item.
I asked my daughter about tossing it out.
“Oh, no,” she said. “You can’t throw that away. Every time my husband comes home and sees it defrosting, he suddenly remembers seeing a new restaurant we have to try.”
(thanks, Betty)
And that’s the week’s collection of sites and jokes as we begin another year looking into what’s happening on the World Wide Wonderful Web. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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