Jim’s WebLetter for 2/2/13

Hi-ya friends and neighbors!

Today is Groundhog Day, where each year man blames the winter on a small defenseless creature. As Wikipedia puts it, “Groundhog Day (Pennsylvania German: Grundsaudaag, Murmeltiertag) is a day celebrated on February 2. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will continue for six more weeks.”
Whether or not he predicts the weather correctly, one thing’s sure … this is one unusual winter. Some days are down right warm and some cold. And the accuracy rate of the lowly groundhog? 38%.

Sunday is Super Bowl day as the San Francisco 49rs take on the Baltimore Ravens. This year the game will be played in New Orleans and broadcast online as well as radio and TV. For a listing of sites to watch the game, visit … http://gigaom.com/2013/01/31/xlvii-super-bowl-live-stream/

This week, Research in Motion changed it’s name. For those who don’t know about the company, they are the ones who created and developed the mobile phone known as the Blackberry. RIM, as it was known by, is now known as … Blackberry. Imagine that. And kicking off the new name is a new line of phones. Everyone and his brother has reviewed the new phones. For all the good, it’s a lot like the Android line of phones. So is it something that people will flock to purchase? New York Times columnist David Pogue has a write up … http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/31/technology/the-blackberry-refreshed-lives-to-fight-another-day.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

If you have ever signed up for anything online, you know it is pretty easy, but it is not so easy to close your account or terminate your membership. Now there is a new wiki cancellation guide called Wikicancel, which shows you step-by-step how to close your online accounts and cancel contracts with companies like Sprint and Comcast to name a few. Simply go to their website and search for a company or online service you want to cancel. It automatically makes search suggestions so you should be able to find your company with a few keystrokes. Once you have found your company, click to go to the respective cancellation page for the company and follow the step-by-step instructions on the page. It also offers information on why you should and shouldn’t delete an account from a company, shows you how to avoid paying termination fees with mobile service providers, provides relevant contact information and other tips.

=== HuMoR ===
My friend’s son worked at a fast-food restaurant when he was in high school.
One night while he was manning the drive-thru, a customer told him that the Intercom wasn’t working properly. My friend’s son went about filling the order while a female co-worker fiddled with the intercom.
She asked, “Is that okay now?”
“Well, no,” the customer replied. “Now you sound like a girl.”
(thanks, Sharon)
An old man walks into the barbershop for shave and a haircut, but he tells the barber he probably can’t get all of his whiskers off because his cheeks are wrinkled from age. The barber gets a little wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and tells him to put it inside his cheek to spread out the skin. When he’s finished, the old man tells the barber that was the cleanest shave he’s had in years. But he wanted to know what would have happened if he had swallowed that little ball. The barber replied, “Just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does..”
(thanks, Michael)
That’s this week’s WebLetter, friends. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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