Jim’s WebLetter for 4/20/13

Hi-ya WebFriends!

First, the events of this week – the bombing in the Boston Marathon and the explosion of the fertilizer factory in West, Texas are certainly tragic to us Americans who consider ourselves living in a pretty safe environment. Truth is, tho’ we live in uncertain times. It’s why we are constantly reminded by events such as these that we need to be prepared for anything.

This issue will largely feature the Spring cleaning going on with major tech companies. It seems that Google and Yahoo have decided to divest themselves of some of the long-standing features that have been staples.

Yahoo has announced changes for Yahoo Deals, Upcoming API, Yahoo SMS Alerts which have been used to deliver news, weather and sports, and old-timer Yahooligans (now known as Yahoo Kids) as well as Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps for phones.

What’s new at Yahoo is Everything. Here is a web presence that is customized to where you are, beginning with the language you speak. Pick from a page full of languages and find a page with everything for you. Then discover all the features available to you from Web, Images, Video, News … you get the picture. http://everything.yahoo.com/

Google’s Reader is probably the most-heard change this Spring. As a result of Google’s announcement to discontinue the feature, RSS readers are coming out of the tech wood-work and articles are published with the writer’s own collection of favorites. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-57574201-233/google-reader-is-dying-but-we-have-five-worthy-alternatives/

But hold on … Google wants to combine some of its major players and create a must-have feature. Take for instance Babble is a new service which combines Voice, Talk, Hangout and Chat. http://www.android.gs/google-babble-android-5-0-key-lime-pie/

Last, for Android phone users, a new and still in Beta app is called Everything.Me. I have been using it since Tuesday and it is a really good for answering the question “What’s on your mind?”. Tap the microphone and tell the app what you want to know. Instantly, the face of your phone is transformed into apps all dealing with the answer. Additionally, the background changes into an image of the theme of your question. I can’t wait until it comes out of Beta. Check out the website video explaining the app … http://corp.everything.me/

For the second time in a row, I was forced to impose on the woman with whom I carpooled to our children’s soccer practices. I phoned and explained that my husband had the car again, so I wouldn’t be able to take my turn. A few minutes before she was due to pick up my son, my husband showed up.
Since it was too late for me to call and say I could drive after all, I asked my husband to hide the car in the garage and to stay inside. I also explained to my son that he shouldn’t mention anything about his father’s whereabouts.
Unfortunately, my husband forgot and was in front of our house chatting with a friend when my carpool partner arrived. When my son returned from practice, I asked him if she had noticed.
“Yes,” he replied, “she asked me which of the two men in front of the house was my father. But don’t worry. I told her I didn’t know.”
(thanks, Brenda)
My wife got mad at me when I told her I was “NOT” going shopping with her at midnight on Black Friday. She went by herself, and she informed me in the morning that she had purchased eight new dresses.
“Eight dresses!” I hollered, “What could any woman want with eight new dresses?”
She calmly replied, “Eight new pairs of shoes.”
(thanks, Roger)
So if you’re spending the weekend Spring cleaning, know you’re in good company. Yahoo and Google are busy with their homes, too.
Have a great weekend friends, and until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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