Jim’s WebLetter for 7/27/13

Hi-ya Webfriends!
This week, I found a real menagerie of sites to bring to your attention.  First and foremost, tho’ is the subject of passwords.  The time for simple passwords is over. If you want to protect your internet-related accounts now, you have to get creative and in some cases, accept the fact that you may need to use a double password system, such as the one offered by Google’s Gmail.  I read the article from MakeUseOf that told me in a few minutes everything I needed to know about passwords.  This excellent article comes as a companion article to a password management guide which gives you step by step instructions for making easy to remember passwords which will keep most people out and the rest will have to take so long to get in, the hacker will likely just pass over and move on to another site.  I invite you to take the time and read and heed the instructions.  It will help protect everything from private content to bank accounts.  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/everything-you-need-to-know-about-passwords/#twitter2
Here is the management guide I mentioned …
Next, Kate Russell from the BBC reported this week about a place online that believes you shouldn’t have to pay for textbooks as a college student.  After all, studying for a degree is hard, but it should not have to be as tough on your bank account.  Flooved, a global education platform is pushing the idea of open access to textbooks for all undergraduates.  http://www.flooved.com
Folks who know me know I like to travel.  And one reason is I like to go places known for food in that area.  For instance, there’s Texas and ribs, England and fish ‘n chips, Rome and pizza Marguarita.  But now there’s a place online for those of us who might be craving some Maryland crab cakes or even Chicago’s deep-dish pizza … and no need to book a flight.  Just click on Goldbely and get some goodies shipped directly to your door. But as I found, you’ll find yourself wanting to order tasty delicacies from places you’ve never been as well as from places you may have been in the past (ribs from Texas!) …  https://www.goldbely.com/
Parents worried about a child’s Internet search accidentally turning up adult-rated content can set KidRex as the home page on the family computer. With every letter a different color, it resembles Google, but the site’s researchers plug in search queries every day to test that “explicit” websites don’t pop up in search results. This site gets a thumbs-up.  http://www.kidrex.org/
=== HuMoR ===
A professor of clinical psychology at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, included a lecture on crowd psychology in his annual course. To illustrate mass hysteria, he regularly showed TV news footage of teenage crowds greeting the Beatles at the local airport in the 1960’s. 
One year, when he ran the footage, he heard squeals and bursts of laughter from his students. When the film ended he asked what had caused the hilarity. 
Replied one student, “We recognized some of our mothers!”
(thanks, Glenn)
There is a strange new trend in our office … putting names on the food in the company refrigerator. 
Today I had a tuna sandwich named Kevin.
(thanks, Paul)
Have a great rest of your weekend friends, and until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.
Jim’s WebLetter
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