Jim’s WebLetter for 8/17/13

 Hi-ya Friends!

Here are a few things I came across this week while working on the Web.

Did you hear that the government has opened secret documents it has hidden for years and telling the world the truth about what they have been doing?  Before you think there is a comedic punchline to that statement, the CIA reported that Area 51 in Nevada was being used to test the spy planes flown during the Cold War dating back as far as President Eisenhower.   It totally explains how people saw super fast moving objects at incredible heights.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/area-51-is-out-there-cia-finally-acknowledges-the-existence-of-secret-ufo-airbase-8770918.html

This week it was reported that Facebook is looking to create it’s own pay provider for products, like Paypal already provides.  All Things Digital writes that the idea is, you see something you’d like to purchase and Like it on Facebook, then you can use your FB login codes to make the purchase.  http://allthingsd.com/20130815/facebook-testing-out-paypal-competitor-in-bid-to-simplify-mobile-commerce-purchases/

Microsoft is putting out the alert to anyone still using their XP operating system that as of April 2014, there will be no more support coming from them.  Of course, they are wanting PC users to upgrade their systems to the newer versions … Windows 7 or the newest, Windows 8.  When they cut off support, it means that hackers will have a better chance of getting in the older system.  It’s something to keep in mind when looking at your computing needs next year … http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-warns-windows-xp-users-risk-zero-day-forever-7000019503/

Google researchers have been working to develop a new system of learning called, “deep learning”.  They are working to create tools that will aid the user to learn languages must faster and with better understanding.   They are first to admit it will take years for this new level of learning to be ready for mass consumption, but with Google’s money backing the project, it bears watching out for… http://gigaom.com/2013/08/16/were-on-the-cusp-of-deep-learning-for-the-masses-you-can-thank-google-later/

Meanwhile, Kate Russell of the BBC reports a wealth of great science video is available courtesy of the Royal Institution of Great Britain,  as well as delivering the pick of the institution’s own videos and lectures they scour the Web to show the very best of the science they find.  http://www.rigb.org/

=== HuMoR ===

Maury ran a small commercial real estate company. One day, a few years back, he sold his interest in one of his projects for 3 million dollars.
The only problem was that the guy who bought him out was a big shot in his very small hometown in Pennsylvania, and he wanted Maury to use the local bank branch where he had his business.
So Maury goes in to the guy’s local bank and tells the teller he’d like to open a few accounts. The teller goes through the list of gifts you can get for your initial deposit. $300 gets you a toaster, $600 for a television, etc. The teller then asks him how much he would like to deposit. Without saying a word, Maury hands her the cashier’s check.
The teller turns bright red, and runs to get her manager. The manager escorts him into her office, where they sit down. “Sir, welcome to our town. We’re thrilled to have you as a customer. What can I get you?”
To which Maury replied, “I’ll take 10,000 toasters.”
(thanks, Jack)
In the plastic-surgery office where I work as a nurse, a 92 year-old patient was preparing to have some reconstructive surgery on her nose. She was extremely sharp and knowledgeable, asking many good questions about the procedure.
Just as the doctor was getting ready for the surgery, the woman said, “Now doctor, make me beautiful.”
“Are you kidding me?” he replied. “You’re already beautiful”
“Well, in that case,” said the elderly woman, “Don’t deface me.”
(thanks, Joyce)

And that’s what I saw this week.
As always, my friends, may God bless you and keep you safe.
Jim’s WebLetter
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