Jim’s WebLetter for 8/24/13

Hi-ya friends and neighbors!

Certainly one of the biggest stories on the internet this week was Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg announcing his plan to connect five billion people to the internet.  That’s billion with a “b”.  He’s already succeeded in connecting a billion to his social media giant, but they (us) already have internet access.  His plan is to expand connectibility through mobile services around the world to those who don’t have internet access.  He’s getting a number of major corporations like Qualcomm, Samsung and Nokia on the team.  While his idea may sound far-fetched and self serving, in reality, everyone can benefit from such a venture.  As Mark said in his announcement, the spread of education through communication will enhance everyone’s life.  The story from Mashable includes a video about Internet.org.  http://mashable.com/2013/08/21/mark-zuckerberg-internet-org/

The domain name, Internet.org has been held since 1993 by one man.  Michael Bauer, CEO of Brilliant Arc and the creator of the first version of MapQuest, said he was contacted about selling the domain name.  He agreed to the price and later found out the party to whom the ownership would go was Zuckerburg.  Bauer claims he is fine with the idea of the new Internet.org.  Maybe he’ll join the team … http://venturebeat.com/2013/08/21/internet-orgs-former-owner-didnt-know-he-sold-to-zuckerberg-but-is-cool-with-the-changes/

Something else came up this week on the Web … Google introduced another function to it’s search device.  While this may not be a landmark feature, it sure improves your search result.  Google’s “dictionary definitions” which you can get when you search with the term “define” in your search, will yield a dictionary box with the definition and how the defined word is used.  For those who use Google Now in tablet or other mobile device, you see a similarity when voicing a request.  Touch the search microphone and say, “define (word)”.  Google instantly responds with the spelling, pronunciation, a little speaker icon to touch to hear the word pronounced, and the definition.  http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/22/google-search-gets-improved-dictionary-definitions-with-sample-sentences-synonyms-translations-and-usage-stats/

And what’s going on in Yahoo?  CEO Melissa Mayer, who has been turning around an otherwise sinking ship has been in Vogue Magazine and now has hired personality Katie Couric to do what she does best – interview and report – on the Yahoo cover page.  Although Couric has appeared on previous appearances, this may be signalling a new direction for Yahoo’s media.  http://allthingsd.com/20130822/is-yahoos-mayer-turning-into-a-media-mogul-with-katie-couric-web-video-deal/

=== HuMoR ===
I was lying in my hospital bed on the third day after an accident when my eight-year-old granddaughter arrived with her mom.
She looked in awe at the wrist-to-shoulder cast on left arm, then asked to see the rest of the damage. I showed her my broken right ankle, which wasn’t in a cast yet; my left leg, bruised knee to thigh; and, pushing back my bangs a raw bump the size of an egg above my eyebrow.
Her blue eyes wide, she asked earnestly, “Grandma, can I take you to school tomorrow for show and tell?”
(thanks, Karen)
Many years ago my wife was to knitting what Tiger Woods is to golf. She designed exotic patterns with ease. There was an occasion when we had lunch in a real Chinese restaurant (only one person spoke partial English, all menus were in Chinese). When she saw the hand-written menu she was so impressed with the calligraphy she tucked the menu in her purse. Some months later I saw the result, a stunning white sweater with the Chinese symbols hand-stitched down the front.
She received compliments galore until one cocktail party when we met a distinguished Chinese physician who asked my wife where she got the symbols. He then wanted to know if she knew what they meant.
“I’m afraid to ask,” she said, “but tell me anyway.”
Even she had to laugh when he told her they read, “This is a cheap dish–but good.”
(thanks, Frank)
And that’s this week’s look into the World Wide Web.  Have a great weekend and, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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