Jim’s WebLetter for 1/4/14

Hi-ya Friends and WebFolks!

Well, I hope you had a merry Christmas and are enjoying a happy new year as 2014 begins.  Of course if you are anywhere above the Florida state line, you are adjusting to the frigid temperatures that Winter is providing.  Yea, it’s a bit chilly here, too, but the snow line will be north of us by some measure and that’s fine with me.

The nice thing is, no matter what the weather is outside, it’s always nice and warm on the Web, so let’s venture there and find some pleasant things to see and do.

While spending time with family over Christmas, I made a point of encouraging my kids who homeschool their kids to offer computer coding in hopes to creating games or build Apps for mobile devices.  I have read quite a bit about coding’s influence in the tech world and how many jobs of the future will be code oriented.  With so many places now offering it for free, it just makes sense for them to try it and see if they would like to pursue the computer sciences.  This week, I read that Harvard is now offering a coding class online.  Completion of which will grant you a certificate.  A certificate from Harvard wouldn’t be a bad thing to have on a resume’.  http://lifehacker.com/learn-to-code-at-harvard-for-free-1493232185

If they elect to become code writers, they will need to learn how to code with voice technology in mind as the article on the website TheNextWeb.com points out.  Google and Apple have the most notable speech activated applications in Google Now and Siri, but soon we will see most applications will be speech oriented.  Why speech over typing?  Much of what we do relates to speech and not tapping on surfaces and the ability of computer applications to hear and understand what we say will make our lives easier.  That IS what computers are suppose to do, right?  http://thenextweb.com/dd/2013/12/18/give-voice-apps-speech-will-replace-touch-smart-devices-primary-input/

Because I need to move large files from one place to another, I used to carry a thumb drive with me … not anymore.  There are several online sources for uploading and transferring files, but Media Crush is one I use to reduce the file to a size that is easy to move, easy to use.  This free site and corresponding app lets you upload and send a file up to 50 Megs in size, securely without hackers getting to it.  No need to put it on a thumb drive.  https://mediacru.sh/

One of my favorite websites to visit is LifeHacker.com which features how-to articles that cover a multitude of things.   There are articles for those of us who spend long hours sitting in front of computers.  After all that sitting, backs and necks tend to strain.  But what about people who spend long hours standing?  The feet and legs take a real beating.  So, going to LifeHacker reveals an article and how-to videos to help relieve the abuse on the body.  http://lifehacker.com/take-the-pain-out-of-standing-all-day-with-these-simple-1482600741

As in many homes on New Year’s Day, my wife and I faced the annual conflict of which was more important – the football games on television, or the dinner itself.
To keep peace, I ate dinner with the rest of the family, and even lingered for some pleasant after-dinner conversation before retiring to the family room to turn on the game.
Several minutes later, my wife came downstairs and graciously even brought a cold drink for me. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and asked what the score was. I told her it was the end of the third quarter and that the score was still nothing to nothing.
“See?” she said, continuing to smile, “You didn’t miss a thing.”
(Thanks, Roger)
My sister is a know-it-all who bristles at anyone’s well-intentioned advice. But when our older sister gave her several clever tips, she was impressed.
“I have to hand it to Sis,” she told me. “She really is smart. Not Jeopardy! smart; more Wheel of Fortune smart.”
(Thanks, Karen)
Have a great weekend friends, and until the next one, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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