Jim’s WebLetter for 3/22/14


This week, let me show you some really fascinating things I came across on the Web.

First, as many of you know, I spent many years as a radio announcer and voiced thousands of commercials. So it might come as no surprise that I would want to sign up for a new program called Vocal ID which provides spoken words for people who have lost the ability to speak by building custom voices for each person. To do that they need your help: specifically, a recording of your voice. And the best part, you don’t have to be an announcer to do it. They’re putting the final touches on the program and if your sign up, will get in touch when they’re ready.

So you may have sprung for a new tablet and now you want to know what you can do with it. Maybe you’ve heard about the apps that make that mobile device into a recording machine, or artists’ pallet. It’s why I began using Flipboard to create a magazine for tablets and the people who own them. This week, find helpful tips for using the iPad, discover 4 easy ways to create movies and slide shows with music, and the thinnest and lightest tablets reviewed by CNET. http://iTab.jimonline.com

So, did you see the Jimmy Fallon show (Tonight Show) with guest Billy Joel? During their segment together, Jimmy pulled out a new iPad with an app called Loopy, recorded voice tracks of the two of them doing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and they sang over the looped track. The app is available in the Apple Store. Check out the story and watch the video of Jimmy and Billy creating and singing … http://9to5mac.com/2014/03/21/jimmy-fallon-and-billy-joel-create-doo-wop-magic-with-an-ipad/

Coding is becoming THE thing to learn for job seekers in the present economy. Evidence is showing that young people who learn forms of coding are able to use the education in finding jobs with tech companies worldwide. What’s more, places online are springing up like weeds Ina flower garden – many of them offering lessons for little or no cost. The Year of Code is a project running this year that has high hopes to nurture the programmers of the future. The site has great support, advice and loads of other resources where you can pick up computer skills free of charge.

Gmail users, chances are you look at the email platform you open to read or send your mail and may be overwhelmed with what you see. minterest.org has an article called, “Gmail Features, Tips & Tricks You Probably Don’t Know” that bears a few minutes of your time reading. Find out how to catch spammers. Learn about using multiple email IDs. Change your mind about a post you just sent? Undo it. This is a good article … http://www.minterest.org/gmail-features-tips-and-tricks/

On a spring break trip to Italy, my friends and I were standing just inside St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the largest Christian churches in the world. The tour guide explained, “This church is so large that no man on earth could hit a baseball from one end to the other, not Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron or even Mark McGuire.”
My group stared in silence at the beautiful marble sculptures, intricate paintings, and glorious mosaics all around the enormous building.
Then one tour member interrupted the silence with an astonished question: “You mean, they actually let them hit baseballs in here?”
(Thanks, Milt)
A group of wealthy businessmen were dining at an expensive restaurant.Bill turn to Sam and casually mentions “looks to me you are getting a little slimmer,”.“I should be!” Replied Sam. “I went on one of those high protein diets. Nothing but expensive meats and cheeses, and I can’t believe it in just two weeks I lost three hundred bucks!”
(Thanks, John)
Have a great weekend friends, and until next week’s post, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Jim’s WebLetter
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