Jim’s WebLetter for 4/19/14


And Happy Easter, God’s gift to us all.

This week, let’s look at some things to explore while wandering around on the Web.

Like one of the oldest do-it-yourself websites. Instructables is a site loaded with things you can make, much from things lying around your home. I will qualify that by saying, there are some things you would need to pick up, but by in large, you have what you need. Users can comment on and rate each project for quality. The site was first created by Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith and launched in August 2005. These guys just loved taking different things and making something useful and sharing it with others. Makes for great projects for homeschoolers, too … http://www.instructables.com/

Along the same lines, if you want information and instruction on just about anything else, you should bookmark the site About dot com. This weekend, being Easter weekend, there’s an article on their front page “Why Easter Matters” that links to the section on Christianity. The brief article gives facts and figures about the reason for Easter. About dot com is a huge site but it also has a large presence on YouTube where you’ll find how-to, info, and advice videos to help you do “more than you thought you could” (in their words). Whether you want to learn more about a particular subject, or just like to explore, you can’t go wrong with About.com… http://www.about.com

What else did I discover this week on the Web? Clean up your gadgets, a Windows XP fix, and more in WebLetter, the digital magazine at http://web.jimonline.com

Recently archeologists have discovered ancient Roman tiles with dog foot prints on them. Is this fascinating? It depends on your idea of fascination with ancient studies, I guess. But what IS interesting about this discovery is where they found them. The artifacts, which could be nearly 2,000 years old, were found in the Blackfriars area of Leicester, the English city where the long-lost bones of King Richard III were discovered under a parking lot back in 2012. The photos of the dig along with the artifacts are shown on the blog being run by Wardell Armstrong Archaeology. http://wa-archaeology.com/category/blackfriars/

Mobile media has been updating from a click and tap to a speak and say world as Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now and Microsoft has Cortana. These applications allow you to ask questions and make commands. But who’s best? In short, I pick Google Now over Siri because my iPad has both, but I find that Siri has trouble giving me answers more times than not, while Now gives me answers or shows links to finding what I need. But what about Microsoft’s new personal assistant, Cortana? Since I don’t own a Microsoft phone or tablet, I defer to someone who does. Pete Pachal of Mashable ran a test and recorded it on video for us to watch … http://mashable.com/2014/04/18/cortana-vs-siri/

Finally, at the New York International Auto Show, Google Street View technology is being used to show panoramic photographs of the cars. On Monday, after the photographs have been taken and stitched together using global positioning technology, Google Maps users will be able to samble through the entire show with a “tire kicker’s” perspective. The interactive version will also be available on the auto show’s website and mobile app. The only thing missing … The new car smell. http://www.autoshowny.com/splash/

Own a tablet? iTab has new stories for you and your tab … http://iTab.jimonline.com

(We’re not here to offend anyone … Remember, these are just jokes!)

I accidentally used AOL.Com to search for something today. I feel like everyone who works there probably high-fived each other and got really hopeful about the future.
(Thanks, Tim)
One outraged college student stomped up to the lunch line at the cafeteria, holding a plate with a piece of pie on it.”This is disgusting!” he exclaimed. “What kind of pie do you call this?!”
The lunch lady calmly put down her ladle, looked him in the eye and snarled, “And just what does it taste like?”
“It tastes like cardboard and rubber cement!” the student cried.
Lunch Lady thinks a moment, then replies, “That must be the apple. The cherry pie tastes like stale crackers and soap.”
(Thanks, Karen)
Have a great Easter weekend friends, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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