Jim’s WebLetter for 11/1/14

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Hi-ya Folks!

It’s the day after Halloween and you likely have a collection of candy.  Just how much should you or your kids eat at a sitting?  Sugar can do a lot of things to your brain and body, so it’s not a bad idea to be more aware of how much goes in. This calculator from Popular Science is based on the sugar consumption recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and World Health Organization guidelines. The best part is that it gives you the results in actual candy so you know exactly how much is recommended.  http://www.popsci.com/article/science/how-much-candy-can-i-eat-halloween

Back from his trip to China where he spoke in their native language, Mark Zuckerburg will go live on Thursday answering questions from anyone lucky enough to get on the list here in the States.  No time has been confirmed at this writing, just the date, but I’m going to bet that every news outlet will know and will let us know in plenty of time before the date.  http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/30/facebook-mark-zuckerberg-q-a/?ncid=rss_truncated

This week, Microsoft and the Special Olympics Committee announced a partnership for the upcoming games that brings the best of what MS does and as Special Olympics Chief Executive Officer Janet Froetscher said, “… is going to allow us to leap frog into the next universe and be able to execute on our mission in a much more powerful way.”  In addition to monies provided and additional partnerships sought, Microsoft is opening up the Cloud for them and furnishing Surface tablets and Lumia phones to aid in communication.  Adds Froetscher. “It’s changing people’s hearts and minds and Microsoft and its employees have the ability to take us there, to deliver on our mission in a virtual way.”  http://news.microsoft.com/features/microsoft-to-modernize-special-olympics-raise-system-to-the-cloud/

The business card, long used to give a potential customer your contact information, has undergone little changes over the years.  Attempts to make it more attractive, more noteworthy have mostly all led to the same result – it’s a card with all your information on it.  Period. Tony Conrad, the founder of About.me, says it’s time to disrupt the business card. He’s released a new app called Intro to do just that.  “You don’t always have a business card with you, but you always have your phone,” Conrad explained in an interview with Engadget. “This takes what we have with About.me and makes it a digital business card for mobile,” Conrad said. Intro gathers the information you have on your personal About.me page, such as your picture and contact info, and puts it front and center on the app. You can then share that information with others.  You choose what information you give out to others on the app. One person might be privy to the whole shebang — your cell, office and email. Another person maybe just gets an email address. Once you’ve selected what information you’d like to share, Intro sends it to your new contact via email or text message.

I work in a nursing home, and one morning I was helping a gentleman who was particularly hard to wake get ready for breakfast. As I coaxed him to sit up, he fixed his twinkling blue eyes on my face and said, “My, you’re pretty! Have I asked you to marry me yet?”
“No you haven’t,” I replied.
“Good,” he said, “because I could not put up with this every morning!”
(Thanks, Virginia)
At the beginning of the school year, I asked my Grade 2 students to write about something exciting they did that summer, then to draw a picture to illustrate it.
One student proudly presented his account of a ride on a roller coaster, but he had not drawn a picture.
When I asked why he hadn’t done this, he declared, “I couldn’t. I didn’t see anything because my eyes were closed.”
(Thanks, Chuck)
Have a great weekend friends, and until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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