Jim’s WebLetter for 11/8/14

Hi-ya Friends!

There are lots of things for me to show and tell you this weekend, so let’s get started!

You can count on one hand the number of popular live shows being broadcast online at any given moment. Most programs are prerecorded and available on demand for viewing at the click of a button. But recently CBS television has been making strides toward webcasting and just this week began a 24 hour live cast. Now you can see the latest news and weather through their link at http://cbsn.cbsnews.com This link is provided without the need for you to be a cable subscriber. It’s just presenting the news, showing new technology, and giving national weather forecasts. Read more about it in the story available in WebLetter, the companion magazine to JWL at http://web.jimonline.com

Also this week, I received my invitation to Inbox, the new message program from Google. As they said in their promotion message, this is a quick and easy way to read the important emails and reply. Well, after working with it for a couple of days, I see why it’s not a substitute for Gmail. There are a few things they could do to improve Inbox. Tali Arbel from Associated Press filed this report claiming it was complicated. http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_26871851/review-googles-inbox-email-app-may-be-more. But concluded that she plans to continue to use it. For me … I use it for a quick look at mail coming in on my tablet, but still rely on Gmail to get the job done on everything else. I’m sure Google will continue to improve Inbox and make it more intuitive and easy to use.

Well it had to happen. For years Apple has made known the fact that they don’t get viruses in their iPhones and iPads. Even when they dealt with virus-like issues in the past, they offered a newer update to eliminate the problem. But with the new IOS 8 and newer MAC system dubbed Yosemite, it seems Apple has opened themselves up to what has been named Wirelurker, a bug that can be transmitted through the USB connection in the MAC to the iPhone or iPad. Granted, a little common sense can prevent you from getting Wirelurker, like not connecting your phone to an untrusted computer found in places like the public library, for instance. But it’s believed that a bunch of phones may already be infected. http://time.com/3560875/iphone-malware-wirelurker/

You may have heard that Microsoft has just released its Office to Apple and Android devices for free and you may have decided to add the apps to your device. First, yes it’s true that MS has made Office available. Second, no it’s not the full suite of products. Basically, you can edit Word documents and read spreadsheets. But I can do that with Google already and Julia Bort of Business Insider lists all the things you can’t do with Office … http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-office-for-iphone-missing-these-features-2014-11. In short, it’s a nice gesture but, thanks anyway, Microsoft.

Finally, here’s something that may be a little premature for Christmas, but I am sure you will find as heart-warming as I did. Brit high street retailer John Lewis brings Monty the penguin to life in a video that tells the story of a little boy named Sam who wants to give his little penguin mate Monty the gift he has been dreaming of. http://youtu.be/iccscUFY860

Among the new stories in this week’s issue of iTab, 5 new gadgets that are must-see from the Internet of things, resources for using tablets in class and 10 things to know about the new operating system for Android called Lollipop. http://iTab.jimonline.com

A single guy decided life would be more fun if he had a pet. So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted to buy an unusual pet.
After some discussion, he finally bought a talking centipede, (100-legged bug), which came in a little white box to use for his house. He took the box back home, found a good spot for the box, and decided he would start off by taking his new pet to church with him. So he asked the centipede in the box,”Would you like to go to church with me today? We will have a good time.”
But there was no answer from his new pet.
This bothered him a bit, but he waited a few minutes and then asked again, “How about going to church with me and receive blessings?”
But again, there was no answer from his new friend and pet. So he waited a few minutes more, thinking about the situation.
The guy decided to invite the centipede one last time.
This time he put his face up against the centipede’s house and shouted, “Hey, in there! Would you like to go to church with me and learn about God?”
This time, a little voice came out of the box, “I heard you the first time! I’ve been putting on my shoes!”
(Thanks, dad)
I didn’t realize how much my nursing career had affected my family until the day my three-year-old granddaughter said to me, “Gramma, I think my blood sugar is low. Can I have a cookie?”
(Thanks, Patty)
Have a great weekend, friends. I’m planning to see the new movie Interstellar. I haven’t been to the movies in a long time and hope it doesn’t disappoint. Until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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