Jim’s WebLetter for 3/7/15

Hi-ya Internet-connected Folks!

One of the fascinating things taking place on the Internet right now is the increased ability to connect to the World Wide Web from remote places.  Internet.org’s goal is to provide Internet to 100 countries in the next year. To this point, 7 million customers in Columbia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Zambia are now connected because of the brainchild of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg with the help of such companies as Qualcomm and Ericsson.  Now two years after it began, it seems like Internet.com has a long way to go – given the fact that two-thirds of the world is still not connected, but when you consider that just a short few years ago a very small percentage of the world had Internet connection at all, the future of complete world connection is very close.  Imagine posting something on Facebook that can be read by millions of people all over the world!  http://news360.com/article/281250271

Not to be left out of this plan for a connected world, Google has been working in it’s Google Labs with hot air balloons and satellites and now, as a means of getting the phone companies involved, is developing data plans with the leading carriers to get more people connected wherever cell towers can be built.  http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2015/Verizon-AT-T-Sprint-Google-Search-giant-turns-data-plan-provider-to-get-more-people-online/id-3575a9b93600404798b0bf6fe5af7f17

Speaking of connecting to places far and wide, Google Flights has built a reputation for finding great air rates that can beat, as the story I read says, “any travel agent”.  While that sounds hard to beat, the facts don’t lie.  If you’re looking to save money on your next flight, read the article from the Huffington Post, six flight tricks using Google Flights can improve your travel experience … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/02/google-flights-ticks-better-travel-agent_n_6783692.html

In this week’s WebLetter, the companion magazine to JWL, learn how to check your internet speed,  five email tools and utilities to try, and Google has a tool for car insurance … http://Web.jimonline.com

iTab has Calendar apps for Android devices, Xero now for iPad accounting on the go, and info about Apple’s 12.9 inch iPad.  http://iTab.jimonline.com

Last, the World Mobile Conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain featured the newest models of smartphone coming to market.  Short of levitating, these new phones bring more features than ever before.  CNET has compile a brief video showing off their list of the best smartphones that are coming to market.  If you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model, watch this video and take notes … http://www.cnet.com/videos/the-best-new-smartphones-in-74-seconds/#ftag=CADf328eec

A brunette walked into a room and saw her blonde friend whooping and hollering. “What’s the matter?” The brunette inquired. “Nothing at all. I just done finished a jigsaw puzzle in record time!” The blonde beamed. “How long did it take you?” “Well, the box said ‘3 to 5 Years’ but I did it in a month!”
(Thanks, Kathy)
We had made some changes in our lives. My husband had lost 50 pounds and after eight years of being a housewife, I had taken a job in a restaurant. When I returned home after my first day at work, I gave my husband a big hug. He seemed to cling to me longer than usual.
“Did you really miss me that much today, dear?” I asked.
“No,” came the reply.
“But you smell so much like pancakes that I hate to let you go.”
(Thanks, Tim)
Have a great weekend  … God bless you and keep you safe.

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