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It’s been years now, but I remember writing about the future of online shopping in this WebLetter. Many factors contribute to the growing phenomenon, like ease of finding what you want at a good price delivered to your home and in many instances, with free shipping. Amazon Prime account owners get their orders in two days with free shipping. Speaking as one who has Prime, I have to say it’s worth it when you’re shopping for Christmas. Some stores offer better deals if you buy online, which further enhances the shopping experience. As a result of the online craze, many brick-and-mortar stores are suffering from fewer customers. When I came across this story in the Business Insider, I read that kids are leading the way in online purchases because of back to school needs. And these kids are less likely to care about trying apparel on first, knowing that return policies have become more liberal. So what’s the smart thing for these stores losing walk-in business? Own a website with their products listed for sale. http://www.businessinsider.com/as-more-teens-shop-online-apparel-retailers-are-suffering-this-back-to-school-season-2015-7

After trying Google Photos on my own pics and videos, I decided to use the online cloud service for my media at work. As someone who collects a lot of images and graphics for upcoming projects and keeps them for reference after the project or event is over, I have amassed a large collection over the years. So I have begun moving it all over to Google Photos and have been pleasantly surprised at the result. I have images and videos sorted by event and date in folders that are easy to find, easy to open and view and just as easy to download for future use, if necessary. Google Photos is free, supplies unlimited space and is available with App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as a link for a computer browser. All you need is a Gmail address. Now the image storehouse Picasa is telling its users to move their media to the new service, too. http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/23/picasa-desktop-users-prompted-to-move-to-google-photos-backup-instead/

Speaking of Google services and apps, when you have Google Maps installed in your phone, you may or may not know that it tracks you and keeps a map of everywhere you’ve been. Before you get to thinking about an evasion of privacy or something, keep in mind that you can turn off the function if you want. But think about how you can keep track of places you’ve been. That’s especially helpful if you keep track of mileage for business or you can’t remember if you’ve been to a planned location. The Next Web has a good article about the feature that bears taking a moment to read. http://thenextweb.com/google/2015/07/22/google-maps-your-timeline-shows-where-youve-been-at-any-given-time/

I read a blog this week from a Web Designer who wrote about the things we come across on the Web that bugs you when you visit a site. Things like pop up ads and ads placed strategically between paragraphs of stories you read. In this article, he explains the different trends that Web people have adopted and because they’re such an annoyance, they need to go away. Complete with examples, I’m sure you’ll agree. http://inspirationfeed.com/articles/blogging/website-trends-that-need-to-die-now/

Finally this week, Windows 10 is due to be released at the end of the month, and at least one writer has discovered the advantages of the personal assistant, Cortana to the new update. More and more we are being treated to speech to text and speech to activate assistance in our computing and I, for one, am all about that advancement. Even though I am a fairly good typist, I would just as soon speak and have the system do the work for me. Gizmodo’s David Nield tells you about its advantages and a few things that still needs to be worked out, but Microsoft is bringing Cortana to iOS and Android, too. Seems that if it works for you on one computer, it should work on everything you use. http://reviews.gizmodo.com/i-installed-windows-10-and-now-im-talking-to-my-compute-1719786498

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Miriam has never been on a cruise before. One day, she meets her friend Lucy and they stop for a chat. 

“So where are you and Sam going for your holidays this year?” asks Lucy. 

“I’d like to try out a cruise,” replies Miriam, “but I’m not sure whether Sam and I would enjoy ourselves. We’re almost 80 now and Sam thinks cruising is for younger people.” 

“No, you’re wrong in thinking that,” replies Lucy. “Most cruise ships have special design features just for senior citizens.” 

“Like what?,” says Miriam. 

“Well OK,” replies Lucy, “They have bifocal portholes.”

(Thanks, Mary)


Diagnosing my problem as water on the knee, the doctor prescribed complete bed rest. When we got home, my husband set me up in a lounge chair and brought my knitting and some books. 

As he packed ice around my knee, he said, “Now, honey, I don’t want you to move until it’s time to get dinner ready.”

(Thanks, Chuck)


That’s going to do it this week, friends and neighbors. Hope you have a great weekend,mind as always, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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