Jim’s WebLetter for 10/17/15

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The end is near for passwords.  This week, Yahoo announced it is going away from the old system of logging in.  “We’re going to kill passwords altogether,” Dylan Casey, Yahoo’s vice president of product management, said at a press conference.  In spite of Yahoo having an email service for some time, it trails behind the likes of Google’s Gmail.  This new feature could set the stage for eliminating the need for remembering passwords altogether and propel Yahoo’s email system.  After all, wouldn’t you like to have access to your emails without having to remember the password to get into your account?  Yahoo may have the answer.  Stay tuned.  http://flip.it/ZGp5R

So how many of you say, “OK Google“, to activate the search device on your phone by voice?  After having the feature available on any Chrome browser supported device since 2013, Google has ended that trigger for desktop computers.  Google says the end of “OK, Google” is just because people weren’t using it on their desktops.  Mobile devices will still have the function if you have the Google app installed.  The end of the voice activated search coincides with the end of the Notification Center which is coming in the next few weeks.  If you use the Chrome browser and have a microphone attached to your desktop computer, the alternative is to touch or click the little microphone icon in the search bar and use the mic to tell Google what you want to find.   http://venturebeat.com/2015/10/16/google-removes-ok-google-voice-search-from-chrome/

Now, let’s talk about that little device you have for phoning, texting, website searching and a list of other things … the smartphone, or tablet.  Chances are, you’re using it right now to read this WebLetter.  What has been happening lately is companies like Facebook and Apple have been working on speeding the delivery of their content to your device.  Facebook launched a news service and has been working to make that service fast so images and text appear quickly on your mobile device.  Now Google has come into play with something new called the Accelerated Mobile Project.  This new project uses a simple coding platform to push images, text and advertisements at faster speeds to your device.  Much faster.  Mobile news has become a hot app for devices surpassing our traditional news sources like the newspaper, TV and radio.  With the Accelerated Mobile Project, news and other content moves from the original source to your phone and tablet at the speed of Google.  http://readwrite.com/2015/10/07/google-amp-html

iTab Magazine has been updated this week with the newest stories of interest to tablet users.  Get it online at http://iTab.jimonline.com

Finally this week, I have been a proponent for children learning computer-based coding ever since the Internet has opened up places specializing in online classes to teach it.  The statistics on the future of jobs on the Web point to the ability of one to know coding.  Whether as a technician or sales.  A great advantage can be had for young people who have taken the time to learn how integral parts of code make things work.  In general, technology itself can provide a fair chance for them to fit into an every-increasing world that relies on computerized systems to work.  Massive online open courses (MOOCs) and similar courseware will give more young people than ever access to hands-on training in technology, regardless of their background or zip code. Even though these kinds of technologies have yet to transform the traditional education system, “it’s not just an opportunity, it’s an inevitability,” says Geoff Ralston, founder of the Imagine K12 accelerator.  I invite you, as a parent, to read this story on TechCrunch.  It is an eye opener.  http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/16/for-students-the-future-is-now/

Have a great weekend!  Until next weekend, may God bless you and keep you safe.

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