Jim’s WebLetter for 3/5/16

Hi-ya Web users!

With all the noise about the new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple, it’s kinda cool to turn and look back at the older systems we used when the Internet was younger, for what they could do and how we interacted with them. The programming JavaScript is used to run the Win 98 system which includes games like the old Minecraft. You can open Windows Paint along with a number of other accessories and programs. I ran it on my iPad, so I know it will run on mobile systems as well as laptops and desktop computers. http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2016/03/03/javascript-is-incredible-run-windows-98-or-linux-entirely-in-your-browser/

As long as I’m on the subject of older systems, I came across an article this week written by Joanna Stern for the Wall Street Journal about restoring old laptops that were ready for the heap. What got my attention was the fact that the laptops she converted were oldies, as old as 10 years, that were pretty much not useable and using a free software downloaded and installed, made them as good as new. Now we need to be fair about this, so I need to interject that the process to fix the old machine is not easy and does take a measure of patience. Just keep in mind that it only costs some of your time. The article with directions for the process are here … http://www.wsj.com/articles/revive-your-old-laptop-without-spending-a-dime-1456945920

Here’s a good idea for all your devices. The Wall Street Journal also included good advice to protect you and your device from intruders and malware. Note that the article says this could take an hour to accomplish. That could run a little longer depending on the speed of your machine, a little shorter if you’re protecting a small device. What is important is your safety. Protection against someone using software to get your personal information and use it to steal your identity. http://www.wsj.com/articles/do-this-one-hour-security-drill-5-steps-to-being-safer-online-1454528541?mod=ST2&ref=/news/personal-technology

Finally this week, what I believe should be a wake up call to Apple and Apple users alike, Oculus Rift, the makers of the virtual reality headset and software, released a statement that said when Apple begins making good computers, then they (Oculus Rift) will begin offering its Facebook-owned headset to them. Primary to the reason is the fact that Apple products don’t meet the minimal specifications required by Oculus to run the program without latency, or delays in movement.  That choppy movement is enough to cause nausea when viewinh and no one wants that. Once Apple begins building computing systems with the strength of Windows machines, with faster running CPU and higher rated processing cards, then Oculus will indeed be an important move forward for Apple users. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/04/palmer-luckey-oculus-rift-will-get-mac-support-when-apple-releas/

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That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.



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