Jim’s WebLetter for 6/11/16

Hi-ya Web-connected people!

Facebook friends, Minecraft parents, Twitter tweeters … here are some things to read about in this week’s WebLetter.

Facebook continues to roll out new and intriguing features for its users to enjoy. After opening up Live Video for us to stream our lives and events to share with friends, it is now allowing us to use a video commenting feature which was developed during Facebook’s 50th Hackathon as a way of enabling more engaging conversations. Now this really adds to the previous commenting options of links, photos, stickers, and emoji figures. To use video comments, click the camera icon next to a comment field. Instead of just seeing an option for images you’ll be able to upload a video as a comment reply. https://www.facebook.com/notes/bob-baldwin/new-videos-in-comments/10156919502775277

Something else important for your Facebook users. If you want to edit your account removing some of the postings you once thought were “cool” but now consider embarrassing or possibly a hindrance to future employment (for example), Kim Komando has a how-to posted on USA Today. Now with the updated Facebook features, you can more easily edit your activity log, the place where all your posts and responses are kept. Additionally, you can clear or download your Facebook search history. Kim also suggests critical settings you should check in your account. Remember, Facebook is free and uses advertising to pay for it’s existence. Therefore your personal information can be used to help the marketing department to point specific ads to you. Facebook has also become a tool for human resource directors when checking background references of job seekers. It’s best to make yourself look good on your resume and on social media. Following Kim’s tips will only take a minute, but can save you aggravation down the road. http://usat.ly/1tgri81

What kid do you know doesn’t play Minecraft? If your kids have a computer or computing device like a tablet, chances are they have asked for and you have installed the Minecraft game for them. I have grandkids who play it whenever they get the chance. If you haven’t heard of it (maybe because you live in a cave) the object is to take blocks and build adventures. You can explore worlds and create in different modes. Do this alone or with friends you meet online. Well, rolling out for teachers is the new Minecraft Education Edition which allows the instructor to set shared goals for the class and map these goals to learning outcomes. Students then learn in the self-directed environment, but also engage in teamwork and the development of communication skills. Whether you teach in public or private school or home school, connecting with the kids is important in the educational process and using Minecraft could be a bonding method with positive results. http://education.minecraft.net

Then there’s Twitter. For the millions of users, it’s an easy way to keep in touch in less than 140 characters. But, as many social media companies have discovered, a large number of it’s users aren’t particularly interested in strong passwords to their account, thereby making it easy for hackers to break in and access personal information. Just this week, without admitting there was a problem, Twitter locked user accounts that the company decided needed better protection. While they wouldn’t divulge how many accounts needed password updates, they did say that if your account needed extra protection, you would have received an email by now. http://flip.it/UfRmw

While I’m not a big Twitter user, I do enjoy their video program Periscope and have written about it on several occasions. The newest upgrade to the app allows you to help control the quality and content of responses other users post. In reality, it’s a shame some people need that. That they can’t be adult enough to mind their language when communicating questions or responses to video being shown by Periscope users. But that’s where we are in society and Twitter’s ‘window into the world’ (my description) needs tending now and then. If someone posts something offensive, all you need to do is hold a finger on the post until a window pops up giving you options from removing the post to blocking the user. It’s a great self-governing feature and hopefully those who get blocked or their post removed will, “get the message” … https://help.periscope.tv/customer/en/portal/articles/2313190-what-can-i-do-if-someone-is-engaging-in-harassing-or-abusive-behavior-
Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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