Jim’s WebLetter for 7/2/16

Hi-ya Web shooters!

That’s the term I use for people who take photos and videos to post on the Web. And where you keep your moments captured in time is significant. After all, you want to have access to them whenever and wherever, right?  

So your options are CD or DVD discs, thumb drives, an external hard drive and the cloud. After showing you Google Drive last week, I will talk about Google Photos this week as the newest of cloud storage offering infinite space for photos and videos as long as you accept Google’s recommended settings. All you need is your Gmail address and password.  

Now just over a year old, Google Photos is a storage and sharing platform that replaces Picasa, and is an extension of Google Drive offering the ability to store, edit, share, and organize photos and videos online. The major selling points of this program over other online photo sharing sites are that it’s free as well as the unlimited space and has dedicated Android and iOS apps.

When using Google Photos in your browser, you can choose to upload photos in three ways:

1. By dragging them into the library from another location on your computer.
2. By using the online uploader tool (the cloud icon in the top right corner of the Google Photos page). Or…

3. By downloading the desktop uploader. This streamlines the process of uploading a significant number of files at once.

If you’re taking photos with your phone or tablet, it’s easy to set up automatic uploads to Google Photos with the free installed app you download from the Apple Store (iPhone & iPad) or the Google Play Store (everything Android).

And here’s a cool tip for using Google Photos … Once you have logged in and you start with naming an album, simply press the share button, and then select “Let Others Share Their Photos.” This will allow anyone with the shared link to add photos to or download them from your album.

Shared albums are a great idea for ongoing family albums, events that multiple people have taken photos at, or when working on projects with other people. Of course, it is always important to be aware of the security risks when sharing your photos online.

Once you upload your photos and videos, the editing tools work well, although right now there are just a few of them available – the platform offers eleven filters, basic crop and rotation features, and four sliders for “light,” “color,” “pop,” and “vignette.” 

Still, the ability to organize, share and do things like create slideshows, makes this free Google feature priceless. Check it out at http://www.google.com/photos

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This weekend we celebrate our nation’s independence remembering that down through our history as a Republic we have made sacrifices and seen remarkable growth as one nation under God. Enjoy your weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.


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