Jim’s WebLetter for 4/22/17

Hi-ya WebLetter readers and friends!

Last time, I wrote that my wife and I were buying the new iPad, dubbed “2017”, chiefly because our current model is the first iPad Air, and we felt we were due an upgrade. Then there was the fact that the new tablet was listed $329 retail, which is about half the typical price of most of the previous iPad models with 32 gigabytes of hard drive space. (I have been using Apple’s iCloud and Google’s Drive and Photos, so I don’t need lots of hard drive as I keep things stored in the cloud for easy access via the apps.)

So we purchased the new iPads and I have to say, I like mine. There is a faster processor in the A-9 which makes a difference when you are performing a task that requires better processing, and the screen is a tad brighter and seems a little clearer.  

But the main difference between my first edition Air and the “Air 3” is that it’s new – 3 years newer than the Air 1. Is there anything wrong with the our first generation Air tablets? Nope. Matter of fact, when I mentioned to a few people of my purchase, they asked if they could buy my “older” model.

You see, the primary issue Apple has been having with it’s iPad sales is, they build a good product … that means fewer people look to upgrade to a newer tablet if they’re happy with the one they have. The market for tablets is becoming saturated and more potential tablet users are discovering the product that Android offers in Samsung meets their expectations along with a cheaper price point. Add to that, Apple is faced with the reality that today people don’t want to spend as much as the past tablets have sold for, therefore their new iPad at $329 should sell better even if the tablet isn’t a big powerhouse with a bunch of new features.  

And speaking of features, Apple just made GarageBand and iWorks apps FREE.  

If you have been considering purchasing the new 2017 model, I say kick in the cash and do it.  We purchase ours at Best Buy, but they’re available just about anywhere Apple products are sold.  By the way, the new version of GarageBand contains more new features and sounds than you can imagine, making composing soundtracks easier than ever.

Here’s a compilation of apps to download and install on the new iPad from 9to5 Mac … https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/flip.it%2FXlcSLl-friday-5-creative-apps-for-new-ipad-own/f-8b3c8bc21f%2F9to5mac.com

That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.


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