Jim’s WebLetter for 9/30/17

Hi-ya WebLetter readers and friends!

Before I get started here, I want to say this IS a product endorsement, but I am not being paid for doing it. I know when I talk about something, I sometimes tend to sound like a commercial for the product. After all, in my career, I wrote and produced hundreds of commercials. So, bear with me on this, ok?

This past week, while preparing to go on vacation for a few days, I managed to drop my phone and totally destroy the thing. I mean, full blown, glass shattered, body dented, computer processor on the blink, broken.  

My immediate response was, what do I do? I had very little time to think about a replacement. But I knew I didn’t want to buy a new phone outright and drop (get the pun?) a lot of cash on a new model.  

Fortunately, the new Verizon store on 8th street was open. We stopped in, sat down and a young lady named Chelsea waited on us. Right now, Verizon, is offering two major brands of phones. Samsung and Apple.  

Sidebar here … isn’t it interesting that, at one time, you could choose from a bunch of different makes and models?  

Last time I purchased a phone, I chose the LG because the camera was superior to just about anything else in the market. I even purchased an after market super-sized battery so I could go two full days between charges.

The Verizon store had an LG, but Chelsea was quick to tell me they had had several of them returned because of battery overheating and a few other issues (she didn’t elaborate). Then she brought out the newest Samsung phone … the Galaxy S8. Folks, there is no wonder why this phone is a hot commodity right now. This thing was easy to hold, ran super fast processing with start up and use-readiness, and the camera shutter speed was fast and took an amazing photo.  

Chelsea told me the Samsung phone also came in a slightly larger size with a bigger battery and larger storage space. She then put the Galaxy S8 PLUS in my hand and told me that they were offering a free package of items for it including a protective case and a new liquid protectant for the glass which made it unscratchable and nonbreakable, plus an extra phone charger for home or office.  

But I was concerned about the cost for such a contraption. These things aren’t cheap ($850 and more). The answer was to pay for it over time. Over two years, the monthly was $27 which still comes to less than if I paid full price for the phone … more than $200 less. Phone companies like Verizon can do that because what they loose on the sale, they gain in volume.  

After doing the paperwork, I walked out with a new phone, wrapped in a really good case and covered with a protected polymer. Chelsea also reminded me that if I was wasn’t happy with the phone, I could bring it back in the next two weeks.  

But, with the quality of the voice calls, the speed of the camera shutter, the responsiveness of the processor and the intuitiveness of the applications … because it’s an Android phone, it’s really good with Google products like Gmail and Google Photos for storage … I decided that made this the phone to own.  

The phone comes with AKG ear phones with a controller for calls and audio listening. The ear phones alone are worth $100, and the Galaxy phone has advanced audio controls for setting them up for whatever you’re listening to. My Google Music collection really sounds good using them.

Herein are my notes on the reality of it all:  
1. There is a reason why you have a two year policy with a phone company. After then, your phone’s body is suffering from everyday wear and tear and the older processor can’t keep up with the newer functions the updated apps demand of it. It is a good idea to upgrade because new advances in technology provide better devices.

2. Whether you like Android or Apple, know that the newer devices are going to be more expensive, but you get more for the money. Put it on a time payment, and chances are you’ll save money on the back end.  

After using the Samsung and shooting pictures at high quality, I am really enjoying this device. I recommend it for the phone quality and it’s battery life.

I have posted some photos taken this week on my Facebook page … https://www.facebook.com/jimonline
That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.


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