Hi-ya, my name’s Jim, and I live on Amelia Island, Florida. After working 27 years in radio and television, I moved into the “new medium” … the internet … in 1999 after creating a website and this newsletter in 1995. The purpose for JWL was to show my listeners great places to visit on the web and pass along good, clean jokes that many of them would send me via email. Now years later, I am a Web designer and also the Director for Media Communications for First Baptist Church, here on the island. After all these years, I still get up early on Saturday morning to write and publish Jim’s WebLetter which goes out in email to readers all over the world, from the US to Canada, to Australia to South America and Europe. As long as there are things happening on the Wide Wonderful Web, I suppose I’ll be writing about it. I hope you enjoy what you read and will want to sign up for either the email or the RSS feed.


Ed Stansel of the Florida Times Union wrote a story about my WebLetter.