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Hi-ya friends!

This week, the two-day Google symposium I/O 2014 was held with much to show and tell from the labs of Google and particularly for their Android system. Because their list is so long, ReadWrite.com provided a listing of the new Google products that include a watch and a TV system. http://readwrite.com/2014/06/25/google-io-2014-readwrite-live-coverage#awesm=~oIldAuZ4HHuArr
Granted, many of the products shown off were things rumored to be coming the past few months, but with the size of this company and with so many projects going on, it’s hard to know who really keeps up with it all. TechRadar covered the event and gives us the top 5 Moments …

Tying all these projects together is the hope of a new Android operating system. Dubbed Android L, the system can be modified to work in cars, cellphones and tablets, watches, TV, home accessories and just about anything else requiring an operating system. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2391020/google-paves-way-for-64bit-android-l-devices-by-year-end.html

For a thumbnail view of the Keynote for I/O 2014, watch this YouTube video from the Verge … http://youtu.be/EgeMgjplANY

Funny how, during this years’ Apple Developers conference, each of the advancements shown were basically their version of what Google/Android was doing already. As they put it, “we see a good idea and make it better”, meanwhile Google is the one creating the good ideas.

A story from Associated Press made the front page of the Florida Times Union this week. The theme was passwords and the hassle it has become to have strong, effective ones to keep yourself and your stuff protected online. The story entitled, “We’re now living through the tyranny of the password” told of a senior citizen who is the atypical computer user trying to remember the complexity of her password to get into email. When you read this article, you can relate. The column goes on to get a response by Bill Lidinsky, director of security and forensics at the School of Applied Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology to what has become our conundrum; finding a good, strong, memorable password. It bears reading if you deal with the same issue. Just know that passwords will eventually be replaced with something else. It’s the evolution of technology. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/t1red-psswords-y0u-re-nt-lone-0

And speaking of changes to our old password problem … Facial recognition is being perfected to the point it could very soon replace the password. In this article from ZDNet’s Robin Harris, facial recognition being studied provides some welcome relief to word recognition memorization.

Finally, back in 1964 during the Worlds Fair, the Picturephone was shown off and demonstrated as the future of technology. A caller could see whom they called and talk to them through the apparatus. A three minute call cost $16 at that time. That’s the equivalent of $122 in today’s money. The NY Times story includes a photo of the machine and some facts about the cost of technology over the years. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/27/upshot/how-the-future-looked-in-1964-the-picturephone.html?ref=technology&_r=0

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At the bakery where I work, we take custom cake orders. One day, a woman came in to pick up the cake she had ordered a few days earlier. However, when she saw the vibrant pink trim, she complained that it was too bright, her daughter wanted a soft pink, and would be extremely disappointed.
To appease her, I got a new cake, made a new batch of icing and even marked down the price before she was happy.
Finally, I asked her, “What would you like written on the cake?”
“Oh, just, Happy First Birthday,” she replied.
(Thanks, Jerri)
Most of us consider ourselves broadminded enough to admit that there are two sides to every argument. First and foremost, there is our side, and then there is the side that no reasonably intelligent, informed, sane, and self-respecting person could possible hold.
(Thanks, Mack)
Have a great weekend, friends … may God bless you and keep you safe.

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