Jim’s WebLetter for 5/5/18


It’s Shrimp Festival weekend on Amelia Island and the weather promises to be about the best it’s ever been for it! Before we head out today to see the sights and experience the highlights planned in today’s festival events, I had some thoughts to jot down about a particular favorite of mine in the internet world.

Based on a story I found in The Verge, a tech magazine I peruse on a frequent basis, the headline grabbed my attention. It read “YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in viewers each month”. The article said that this number didn’t include the number of people who don’t have an account, or elect not to login when visiting the video site.

You see, why I was attracted to the story is, I am a regular visitor to YouTube … on a daily basis. I have a YouTube channel listing a few of my favorite videos I have come across and some that I shot and upload myself (a quick link to it is http://Jimonline.com).

But more and more I am interested in things I can’t find on regular TV programming or anywhere else on the Web. Things like artists demonstrating their techniques in painting and travelogues from notable people like Rick Steves who has made a career out of showing us where we need to vacation and even how to pack for it.

Music videos occupy a portion of my viewing time and YouTube is packed with them! Pick an artist or group, search for them and YouTube’s algorithms pull up video after video including recorded concerts. All for free to see.

Because we are planning another European trip next year, I have found several language videos to learn basic words to use in the countries we will be visiting. Most European countries know English as a second or third language, but from experience I know that it’s always appreciated when you can ask questions for directions or just say, “hi” and “thank you” in the host country’s language.

As a backup, I have installed Google Translate on my phone and practice these words and phrases whenever I don’t have YouTube on.

I also use YouTube in researching new apps and mobile hardware and have used it as a how-to in repairing broken items.

If you have access, you can watch YouTube through their app on Comcast Xfinity. Putting YouTube on the big screen just brings up the level of enjoyment in viewing concerts.

As the article mentioned, YouTube has some people uploading unsavory content in the past, but they are working to filter that out. I prefer to think of it like the rest of the Web … adventure in, but be careful. After all, it’s like driving … you may be a careful driver on the road, but what about the other guy?

To read the short YouTube story that got my attention, here’s the link … https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/3/17317274/youtube-1-8-billion-logged-in-monthly-users-brandcast-2018

Have a great weekend! We’re going to be down at the Shrimp Festival. Great weather, good seafood, fun stuff!