Jim’s WebLetter for 8/6/16

Hi-ya Olympian viewers!

So, did you watch the opening of the Summer Olympics from Rio, Brazil? Whether you saw it on TV or viewed the stream online, you saw a lot of color, smiling faces and … Commercials. Really? NBC couldn’t actually run the opening piece, with all its color, use of 3-D imaging and what looked like thousands of performers before all the nation’s Olympians paraded in, without pausing every 6 minutes to show commercials? I felt like I was watching a football game.

If this is any indication of what we can expect over the next few days, imagine watching the Diving competition and in the middle of the dive, they cut away for commercials. Or how about the 100 meter race in Track & Field and just as the starting gun goes off, we get commercials instead?

Rio is known for dancing and Carnival. I expected to see a new dance, based on the Zika mosquito issue called, The Skeeter Swat, instead I got time to get up and go to the kitchen for a drink refill.  

Let’s hope NBC made enough money on opening night that we can see the Olympics and not just another Visa commercial. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/rio-2016/2016/08/05/nbcs-coverage-opening-ceremony-flooded-commercials/88325628/

If you’re hoping to get more time watching the Olympics, I found out that Google has been busy and they have mapped out the entire Olympic area in Rio on Google Maps. Now you can get a better feel for the layout and where the events are taking place. http://www.recode.net/2016/8/5/12388136/google-indoor-maps-rio-olympics

Changing the subject, I rarely ever talk about using phones for the Web because, for me, it’s not the type of computing device, it’s what you find on the Internet … and I have always tried to point you in the right direction, the right Website, the right programs that are safer and provide maximum usefulness. But I found an article in Make Use Of that describes using an Android phone and Google Drive to capture documents instead of having to use a scanner.

Granted, there are several Scanning Apps you can download into your smartphone from the Google Play store that will do the job, but in a time where the number of apps in your phone is directly related to the lack of computing power and hard drive space, it is best to use what resources you already have. And if you have an Android phone (and recent studies show the vast majority of users do) then you already have access to Google Drive and can use the camera contained in the phone to take pictures. Put those two things together and this story on News 360 shows you how to scan and save a document. http://news360.com/article/363486799

Finally today, the folks at Facebook have listened and have responded to the countless cries from it’s followers … no more “Click Bait” ads. Facebookers know what I mean … It’s those pictures with such phrases as “she looked under her mattress and what she found, I was shocked!” making you want to click to find out, only to find tons of ads and phony-baloney stories awaiting when the page loads. It’s another way Facebook is trying to make itself legitimate in the eyes of its ever-growing usership. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good start. The next thing is to reduce the number of political ads. Of course, all we have to do is wait that out for a few more weeks and it will all be over, no matter who wins. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/05/technology/facebook-moves-to-push-clickbait-lower-in-the-news-feed.html?ref=technology&_r=0
And that’s gonna do it this week, friends and neighbor’s. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.


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