Jim’s WebLetter for 3/31/18


How are you doing? For me in my world of retirement, it’s ANYTHING but boring. Today is the last day of the first month of my new life experience … that of, not having to get up every morning and head off to work.

Now, I have to say because I’ve also been involved in website development, I am not completely work-free. After all, I learned that it’s always good to have something going on if your primary work life becomes disrupted. But I am now looking at it as a means to keep the brain motivated, while keeping some extra spending money coming in. Frankly, my fascination with the Web will never really go away. It is amazing how technology has done just what many of us dreamed it would do.

Let me give you a few things we were talking about 20 years ago.

1. Better communication. Larger groups of people from all over the world, discussing issues that affect everyone. I joined Facebook 10 years ago because that is what that “social media” did. Before the Web opened up, we were using modems on our computers to call up bulletin boards and leaving messages for others. Then it was a matter of visiting websites to communicate, which were stored on search engines so you could more easily find them. Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos were becoming more popular because you visited them to learn about everything that was available for you to explore. Then came Google. And you see what that has become.

2. Information. Growing up, I remember when my parents purchased a complete set of encyclopedias (Colliers). They had to purchase a book shelf to put all the books on. When the World Wide Web began storing information, making it easy for anyone to access, bookcases began to disappear along with books of higher education. After all, when you can look up a source from places like the Library of Congress, complete with pictures and later, videos, it made those books … obsolete.

OK, before you look up from this and see your book shelves with publications still sitting on them … I realize there are still lots of people who prefer holding a book in their hands than an iPad (like I am using to write this week’s blog) or some other mobile device. I get that. But you have to admit, Information is continually being updated and the primary way to get the latest version is through the internet. That’s why I don’t have those heavy books that take up space in my home.

3. Employment. Technology today is one of the two primary sources for jobs worldwide. The other leading industry is healthcare, which actually uses technology to enhance the quality of service to its patients. The Web has opened up countless opportunities to sell products, share information and set up companies to reach more people, turning them into customers (i.e., Amazon.com). Many of you reading this hold such jobs. Jobs that weren’t even invented 20 years ago.

So following a brief walk-back in time, what’s new with you? For me in my retirement, I’m discovering how much has been written on the subject and about things like Medicare and diet and exercise. All to make you feel better and live longer.

It’s all right there on the Web.

Incidentally, I’ve added a few more music videos to my YouTube channel. I continually find songs I enjoyed playing on the air years ago and add them so I can go back later and listen to them again. https://JimOnline.com.

See ya … and as I used to say to close my shows … God bless you and keep you safe.