Jim’s WebLetter for 1/23/16

Hi-ya Webreaders!

How are things this week? For the folks who have been running Ustream, the popular online streaming service, it’s “changes” as IBM announced it has purchased the company for somewhere in the neighborhood of $130 million. This recent acquisition is beefing up the new IBM Cloud Video Services division which includes Clearleap (for video management), Cleversafe (for storage), and Aspera (for video transfer).   

IBM also plans to bring in Watson, the super computer that is famous for, among other things, winning the competition on the Jeopardy! game show to handle video analytics. IBM is creating an end-to-end solution where customers can upload, store, and manage both live and on-demand videos, use analytics to optimize performance, manage rights and language features, and stream videos to viewers around the world. 

Ustream has provided streaming services for NASA, Samsung, Facebook, Nike, and the Discovery Channel and delivers live and on-demand streams to 80 million viewers each month.   

What is significant about Ustream and its’ acquisition by IBM is that more and more people are turning to streaming services for their source for entertainment. In recent years TV and in particular, cable TV has been losing customers as more and more they cut the cord to watch their favorite shows online rather than pay high rates for stations and shows they don’t watch. At the same time, who doesn’t know YouTube offers video viewing?  

As broadband stream speeds continue to increase, video streaming will continue to be an important medium for Internet users. I am sure more companies will be turning to streaming as the means of attracting customers and enhancing our lives.  http://www.ustream.tv

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