Jim’s WebLetter for 11/21/15


It’s almost Thanksgiving. Aren’t you happy? I am because I have a lot to be thankful for. You probably do, too. But have you noticed there isn’t much in the way of Thanksgiving being shown in retail stores and in the media? It seems like we went from Halloween to Christmas without pausing. It’s not that way with everyone. Some grocery stores have specials for making that turkey day meal. Buy $30 dollars worth of stuff and get a frozen turkey for $5. That got my attention this weekend. As a result, we have a 14 pound bird in our freezer. https://www.winndixie.com/

But what about that “thankful” spirit? Thanksgiving was born out of our history as a young settlement in the new world. Our ancestors thanked God and thanked the natives for provisions. The History channel has a webpage with videos and topics covering Thanksgiving. Begin with the video, “Bet You Didn’t Know” and enjoy learning how George Washington actually was the one to make it a national holiday. http://www.history.com/topics/thanksgiving

Also this week, I came across a story about Google offering a new way to use applications on mobile devices. Up to now, you downloaded and installed apps on the phone or tablet hard drive in order to use them. Now Google thinks we shouldn’t have to do that. By connecting to the Google Cloud, you can “stream” the app on an Android phone. Utilizing cloud-based technology and its massive database of deep links, Google is able to recreate the entire app experience without requiring installation. Off the bat, they will offer 9 apps with more coming up. Google will roll the new tech out this Wednesday. http://www.dailydot.com/technology/google-app-indexing-streaming/

What is going on at Microsoft? Cloud storage has become common among the major technology companies worldwide. Knowing you have these guys hanging onto your photos, videos, documents and sundry files as a backup makes you feel more at ease because we all know the computer hard drive can crash and saving your material on a thumb drive or disc means you have to carry it around with you when you need it. With the spirit of competition, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Box, a dozen others and Microsoft all have cloud services. But this week Microsoft says it’s cutting back its service. OneDrive will be cut back on all its different plans. http://blogs.wsj.com/personal-technology/2015/11/02/microsoft-kills-unlimited-onedrive-storage-downgrades-paid-and-free-options/?mod=ST1&ref=/news/personal-technology

If you use OneDrive and feel the need to move your files to something else because of Microsofts’ change in storage capacity, get the how-to … http://windowsphone.stackexchange.com/questions/3253/how-to-download-multiple-photos-from-onedrive

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That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and a happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and keep you safe.


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