Jim’s WebLetter for 4/28/18


How about this weather? If it’s going to be like this next weekend for the Shrimp Festival, the Island will probably bust at the seams with a record number of attendees. We’ll see!

In a popular hit from the ‘80’s, Billy Idol said in his song Eyes Without A Face, it’s “hard to get release”. (Reference YouTube video … https://youtu.be/9OFpfTd0EIs)

That might be the theme in this week’s WebLetter as both Apple and Microsoft are releasing updates to their operating systems that may be more of a hassle than you want to have to deal with.

First, Apple’s IOS 11.3.1 has been announced and is set to update now. They claim it helps shore up the security in its iPhone and iPad system. The problem is, it doesn’t fix a long time issue of battery life and, as many users are reporting, they can’t listen to music/podcasts without the now famous skipping issue which seems to be more pronounced on newer iPhones (5+ and higher) than on iPads (Air and up).

If you listen to music on your Apple device, and most people do, this can be very frustrating. The verdict? Hold off on the update. There’s sure to be another one to come along soon.

Next, this Monday, Microsoft is releasing it’s 6 month update to greatly enhance the Windows 10 operating system with features like Timeline and Dictation.

Those who have history with Microsoft updates (mine goes back … way back before Windows 95) will know this thing will likely be as buggy as past updates with a fix for its issues to follow.

Here are the major features to expect from the Windows update which is coming down this Monday, April 30th …

Timeline … Accessible by pressing Win+Tab, replaces the old Task View with a mode that lets you see the apps and documents you’ve used in Chronological order. It makes it easy to resume work on an old project by bringing up a previous array of Windows without having to recall the name of every single file. That also extends to resuming work you’ve been doing on mobile devices, assuming you’ve been using Microsoft apps like Edge and Office. https://youtu.be/nNdirfTlU4E

One other major new feature is Dictation. Dictation, makes it super easy to enter text without typing. Just press Win+H and start talking. It’s useful if you need to make quick memos while your hands are occupied or if you’re one of those people who thinks best out loud. https://youtu.be/OEEPWIzlI84

Microsoft Edge is getting a bunch of new features, too. For one, you can finally mute tabs. PDFs, books, and Reading view now work in full screen, and the browser can now save your payment information for autofill purposes.

Once you get the update and Microsoft hands your device back to you (their famous “there’s nothing you can do with your device while we’re updating it” ploy still in force) you will notice changes in the Settings page. They’ve done some consolidating to make things easier to find and that’s a good thing.

So, while all that is going on, you might decide to go take in Billy Idol at Rockville this weekend in Jacksonville. After all, you don’t need a device to see something live.


“Loving the retired life”