Jim’s WebLetter for 1/14/17

Hi-ya friends and neighbors!

As 2017 progresses, it seems artificial intelligence, or AI is coming more to the forefront as businesses combine with technology to enhance our experience of living in the 21st century.

This week I came across a story about a possible solution for the millions of elderly people who live alone, like to live in their home but desire or need companionship. Intuition Robotics, a start up company in Israel has developed an artificial intelligent (AI) robot, but “Elli-Q” intentionally doesn’t look like a robot. With no eyes or mouth, it looks like a little mushroom-shaped lamp, with lights flickering and the head turning and bending to acknowledge a person’s presence or to mimic head gestures while expressing emotions. The apparatus includes a detachable tablet that allows for communication with such software as Skype for calls, games and an app for family members to check on conditions inside the home.  

The design and actions of the device make it look and feel less like a traditional robot and more as a friendly and approachable digital companion. What is particularly interesting is how the use of artificial intelligence allows for conversations between person and Elli-Q which can aid in reminding when medication needs to be taken, appointments attended or even suggest physical activities including going for a walk. And the more it communicates, the more it learns.  

While the robot isn’t yet available to the general public, the website has a place you can sign up and be put on a list and be notified when sales begin. The video on the site gives you a good look at Elli-Q’s capabilities. https://www.intuitionrobotics.com/

The next thing I found this week is Adobe Photoshop run by artificial intelligence. Photoshop is used for graphic creation and editing and is arguably the best for features, however is more difficult to learn. With voice activation, using the software is much easier. The demo shows the voice assistant performing basic tasks like cropping and rotating an image on an iPad. Simple tasks like that are the most obvious and easy application for this tech, which means that desktop Photoshop’s vast number of menus aren’t going anywhere fast. Take a look at this video to show what may soon be coming from Adobe for mobile devices … https://youtu.be/e6TccXFBY5g


This week, iTab stories include a new tablet from Dell and software to enhance drawing on iPad Pro. iTab Magazine. http://iTab.jimonline.com


That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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