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How in the Internet are you, anyway? Let me show you a few things I came across this week.  

Google has created a platform online using some of its best apps to enhance research and story writing for news reporters and journalists. Using Google’s visualization tools, anyone can dig up background information and images, then circulate the completed story through Google’s distribution tools. Keep in mind, anyone wishing to write a story or expose’ can use Google News Lab. You may be writing a term paper or a piece for a magazine. And of course, news reporters will find the resources useful. Clearly Google is looking to make news reporting easier on their own platform which has been lacking in the past while sources like Yahoo, AOL, Flipboard and a host of others has been successful. After all, developing a clear focus on quality news means attracting more users, and advertisers, to its services. https://newslab.withgoogle.com/

Also this week, I came across a story about Yahoo’s newest update for it’s email. According to the New York Times, Yahoo Mail is getting a supercharged search feature that’s better at helping its millions of users dig through their email for the stuff they’re looking for. Beginning this next week, e-mail users who use their e-mail as an archive will be able to more easily find photos, documents, coupons, and whatever else that has been left in their email account.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/06/technology/personaltech/yahoo-tweaks-email-to-make-search-more-personal.html?_r=2

You have to applaud the work being done over at EducatorsTechnology.com in compiling and reporting stories that benefit teachers and students alike. This week, I saw this one entitled, Some of The Best Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Taking Students on Virtual Field Trips. While I reported previously about the Smithsonian, they also included such online locations as Google Art Project, Planet in Action, and a Virtual Tour of Museums and Exhibits, to name a few more. With the cost and time involved with traveling to these locations, being able to access them with your computer or mobile device is the next best thing. http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2015/08/some-of-best-web-tools-and-mobile-apps-for-virtual-field-trips.html

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Gizmodo, but it pays to drop by and catch up on some of the stories they publish. One that caught my eye, written by David Neild is “9 Free Web Apps to Replace Your Desktop Software”. As computing continues to revolutionize, so the need for large hard drives wanes with notebooks that connect to the Internet becoming the computer of choice. If you don’t need a large hard drive, you’re computer is lighter, costs less, and tends to last longer. Here is where an online app comes in. You don’t need a photo editor if you can upload your image to Pixlr to do all the work. Text editors, video storage, emails and music storage. All free places available right now … http://fieldguide.gizmodo.com/9-free-web-apps-to-replace-your-desktop-software-1722193265

Finally, I have written more than once about the online live broadcaster Periscope, which “lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else” (their words). The App is continuing to evolve and is gaining in popularity. It’s chief competitor is Meerkat which basically does the same thing, with a couple of extras. As you know, anything that seems to become popular gets the eye of the big tech companies and, as a result, is either bought up or replicated. Enter Facebook, who this week has begun allowing celebrities to stream their live Casts on the mega popular social medium. As this is sure to become a big deal, it shouldn’t be long before the rest of us will be afforded the same option. http://www.searchenginejournal.com/facebook-introduces-live-streaming-for-public-figures/138217/

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During a conference, I was pleasantly surprised to be seated next to a very handsome man. We flirted casually through dinner, then grew restless as the dignitaries gave speeches. During one particularly long-winded lecture, my new friend drew a # sign on a cocktail napkin. Elated, I wrote down my phone number.

Looking startled for a moment, he drew another # sign, this time adding an X to the upper-left-hand corner.

(Thanks, Kathy)


The flight attendant on our trip was handing out plastic pilot wings to some kids. As I stepped 

forward, she jokingly offered me one, but I passed. Pointing to the Airborne wings on my Army uniform, I explained, “The last time someone gave me wings, I had to jump out of the airplane.”

(Thanks, David)


That’s it this week. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you safe.


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