Jim’s WebLetter for 2/28/15

Hi-ya Folks!

Well, this week the Federal Communications Commission passed what is known as the Net Neutrality Rules.  The new rules treat broadband providers like Comcast as “common carriers” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act … in the same category as utility companies that provide gas, electricity, etc., in which all customers have equal access to service.  Steve Wozniak voiced a positive response to the decision calling it a “victory for the people” … http://www.cultofmac.com/313637/steve-wozniak-declares-fccs-net-neutrality-ruling-victory-people/

One story making rounds on the Internet is from the NY Times showing us Westerners how Net Neutrality is working in the Netherlands.  Seems that after two years, the Dutch are enjoying good, consistent service at a fair price.  Could that happen here?  I guess it depends on the compliance of the companies providing the service … http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/27/business/dutch-offer-preview-of-net-neutrality.html?_r=0

This week’s issue of WebLetter, the online companion to this Letter, Google is getting into the kids toys business, more details on Windows 10, due out later this year, and Amazon launches an email service.  Get the news at http://Web.JimOnline.com

And tablet users are keeping up with the latest stories for their devices in iTab, the magazine for Tablets.  Read about making a video using iPad, review of the Nexus 9, and apps for any device.  http://iTab.JimOnline.com

After reporting that Flipboard, the news aggregate best known for its app for Apple and Android devices, has moved to the Web for a broader reach in viewership, it seems Circa, another well known news provider has gone Web.  With their Web version, Circa users are presented with a different type of layout for consuming news, focused on letting you quickly glance at the short summaries and clicking into those you want to read more about and providing a “follow story” link for story updates.  http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/26/circa-breaks-free-from-mobile-brings-its-personalized-news-digest-to-the-web/

My grand daughter, Faith told me about a game she likes to play on the Internet called Animal Jam.  Created by the National Geographic Kids people, it is a multilevel game that takes place in the world of Jamaa, where players can travel through various cool ecological environments. Each environment features different interactive facts, games, and virtual shops. Players are represented in the game with customizable animal avatars which can be decorated their dens (aka, “virtual houses”) and adopt virtual pets. Faith told me that Animal Jam players are rewarded with achievements for collecting facts in the game. They also earn in-game currency, known as  gems, by completing each of the games. Gems can be used to purchase additional avatars, accessories, dens, and den items.  Upon attempting to use my iPad, I found myself being sent to the Apple Store, which wanted $1.99 for the app.  Faith plays the game on a laptop because the PC version is free.  There is also an app for Android devices.  http://www.animaljam.com/

One day Ole and Sven were paging through the Sears Catalog and admiring all the beautiful models. Ole said to Sven, “Haf you seen da perdy girls in dis catalog?” Sven replied, “Ya , Dey sure are bootiful, an yust look at da prices!”
Ole looked wide eyed and said, “Yumpin’ yimminy. Dey ain’t very expensive.
At dees prices I’m buyin’ me vun.” Sven smiled, patted Ole on the back and said, “by golly Ole, if she’s as perdy as she looks in da catalog, I vill get vun too.”
Three weeks later Sven came by and asked Ole, “did ja ever git dat girl you ordered from da Sears Catalog?” Ole replied, “no, but it von’t be long now, her clothes came yesterday!”
(Thanks, dad)
At our daughter’s high school graduation, I couldn’t help noticing a young man sporting a long bleached blond ponytail sprouting from the top of his otherwise shaved head. A heavy link chain hung around his neck, and one ear displayed several earrings.
I had to smile when I heard him say to his friend, “Man, I feel so out of place. I’m the only guy here not wearing a tie.”
(Thanks, Doc)
Have a great weekend friends, God bless you and keep you safe.

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